Friday, February 8, 2013

Owl Love withTear Drops


It's no surprise for those of you that know me that I have a thing  for Owls!
I have been drawing them in my sketch book when ever I have any down time. 
I recently discovered that Tear  Drops work perfectly in embellishing the owls.
So I thought to share with you a page out of my personal sketch book...a little bit of my art. :)

To make the below page ready for your owls, you will need to mask off squares as show with artist making tape. This can be found in any art supply store. It does not allow paint or ink to seep 
underneath, you can write notes on it and it removes easily with out tearing the paper when done.
Next- a water color wash. You want the colors to be so you can fill in with color later.  Let this dry completely before drawing.

 Doodle your owl with your favorite black ink pen. Make sure the eyes are big enough to hold the Tear Drops.
 Then, working in sections, add some glue. Have your tear drops ready to place.
Kinda reminds me of when people used to do collages with beans and rice in the 70's.

Then doodle around you owls, sign your work and frame for all to enjoy!
All tear Drops are on SALE at The Robins Nest for 20% off!

I used Gumdrop assorted tear drops for the Owls.


The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

This is so fun!! I have so many ideas of what I can do now. Great job Michelle!

Camille Short said...

Love your tear-dropped owls - Bright and cheerful!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...


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