Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Welcome, Mandi here with a card with a stunning Tear Dew Drop accent. 
Brown Chalk Ink
Corner Punch
Border Punch
Electronic Die Cutting Machine and Design Software

 I ended up cutting a leaf design with my machine and gluing dew drops on it to create the leaves.
 Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget today is your last day to take advantage of the Tear Dew Drop sale. They are 20% off right now. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Lucky Charms

Wow, can you believe March is just around the corner? You know what that means . . . St. Paddy's Day is also just around the corner. My project today is in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day but reminding myself to focus on what's really important as we venture towards spring when all things are fresh and new.

In our family we have been struggling with sickness (passing it back and forth) for over a month; and I'll tell ya, it sure makes you remember now blessed you are that you are normally all well without any serious ailments with which to contend; and in that same thought to keep in our hearts and prayers those who are not blessed with similar health.

Our team was given the challenge to use the tear shaped dew drops this month in our projects. And, lucky you they are also the The Robin's Nest current sale. The tear shaped dew drops are 20% off this month. Be sure to check out the new shapes, sizes and colors! You can check out the store here to find these and other great products. Remember, sale time is always a good time to stock up. You only have until the end of the month to place your order.

Spring Holidays

...using Tear Drop Dew Drops from The Robin's Nest...

Yes, We love to celebrate over here. And there are all sorts of spring holidays to celebrate using Tear Drops.  Remember...they are 20% off this month!  

Hey, it really doesn't matter whether or not you are Irish.
St. Patty's Day is the day to show you're ready to celebrate by
going green!

Here I have created a pin..embellished with  Christmas Tree Dew drops and Ornament Minis.
(For a Full tutorial...check out my tutorial on the Creative Paperclay Company Blog.)

My DD also wanted to get into the scene...and use my tear drops.

She created a magnet for her locker...and I'm thinking that she has out done me!
(Wow..check out that rainbow selection of dew drops.)

Or...use these baubles on paper...and create a card to tell someone how lucky you are to be friends:

(To be posted soon...delayed photography...please come back!)

Papers Used:
Robin's Nest: Stencil Green

Yes, Valentines is over...but there are 365 days a year that 
you should be telling someone that you love them:

Love is in the air.
Again, I used Christmas Tree tear drops and Ornament minis.

Papers Used:
Robin's Nest: Brick Fat Plaid

Boy...I haven't even gotten to Easter!
I'm going to have to think something up...and quick!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Colorful Rain Drops

Hi there everyone! Genevive here again for some tear drops inspiration! I hope you will enjoy my post for today =) 

Lately I have been addicted in filling up this ring album with our family photos... and this month's assignment of showcasing Robin's Nest Tear Drops is so perfect for this particular photo we took one day at the beach + my life-long motto that says:  "LIFE is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to DANCE in the rain." 

What better way to interpret that wisdom than transforming "tears" into colorful "rain drops"? =) 

 ...striped clouds  and happy-colored rain drops anyone? 
To create these, I hand cut and layered Winter Deer glitter paper + Robin's Nest glitter cardstock using 3d foam dots.. 

... Robin's Nest blue glitter stickers says DANCE! =) 

I hope you like this very simple layout. See you again soon! 
Keep on lovin' and scrappin'. 
Xoxo, Gen =) 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Altered Mini Sewing Box Matchbox

Hi everyone!!! It's me Tonya welcoming you back to the Chattering Robin's blog!!! What a crazy month it has been!!! I have been trying to get another craft room ready in my soon to be hubby's house. Packing up stuff to take to Goodwill, pulling staples out of the wall, scraping stickers off of the walls and doors and pulling glow in the dark stars off of the ceiling...can you tell the room belonged to one of his daughters??? ;-) I have paint and laminate flooring bought but I still have to "putty up" the tiny holes in the wall, wipe the walls down and rip the carpet up. Oh so much to do but once it is all done it will be well worth it. :-)
First off I would like to share with you there is a 20% off sale going on in the Robin's Nest store on all Tear shaped Dew Drops and we have also teamed up with Mod Podge this month which I will be using Antique Matt Mod Podge on my project that I will be sharing with you.

When I need to sew on a button or stitch up a hem I always seemed to be searching for needle and thread so I decided that for this month's project I wanted to create something to store my needles and thread in. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

How To Best Handle Heritage Photos

Ever wonder how to scrap your poor quality heritage photos?  You may want your children to know their ancestors and see the resemblance to them, but often those heritage photos are not the best quality.  So, today I am sharing some tips how to make those heritage photos into fabulous scrapbook pages.
1)  Start with special treatment for your photo!  Here I used Plaids Photo Transfer Medium and some canvas to give the photo some great texture and an ephemera like quality.  This is a great way to handle those scanned heritage photos and make them look authentic!  The instructions for how to use this product are on the back of the packaging and it was so easy.  Just be sure to allow your self 24 hours for the transfer medium to set and a few hours for the fabric to dry after removing the paper before finishing your page.
2)  Devote a whole page to the photo!  If you are an avid scrap booker, this may be hard to do, but you may only have one photo of your ancestor, so live it up and do a single page with a single photo!
3)  Use special papers, die cuts and embellishments!  This will also help you use that single photo on a single page!  I created this shamrock using Cricut Craftroom Software, and a single motif from Damask Decor.  I use The Robin's Nest Classic Glitter Card stock in Khaki for the shamrock and matted it on white.  To create the mat in the software, I had to use hearts, circle and a comma for the stem.   Then, I backed it with more of the Classic Glitter Card stock in gold.  This paper is so pretty and the gold flecks look embossed!  I cut the title with Cricut's Sophisticated Cartridge in The Robin's Nest Glitter Rope on Red Card stock, making sure to run the glitter rope down the cent of my letters.  I added a rubon from The Robin's Nest Family rubon set in the lower left hand corner, some ribbon and a journaling block also from The Robin's Nest.  I chose a shamrock because this ancestor was Irish and I thought it a great ideas to share around St. Patrick's Day!
The Robin's Nest is running a special on their Tear Drops this month:  20% off!  Find the tear drops HERE.  NO need for a coupon, you will see they are already marked down! 

Supply List
The Robin's Nest Red Glitter Rope on Red Card stock (title)
The Robin's Nest Khaki Glitter Card stock (shamrock)
The Robin's Nest Gold Classic Glitter Card stock (Background)
The Robin's Nest Family Tree Rubon
The Robin's Nest Red Journaling 
The Robin's Nest River Bend Tear Drops
The Robin's Nest Green Fleur Card Stock
Plaid Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium
Websters Pages jewel
White Card stock
Red Card stock
Cricut Sophisticated Cartridge
Cricut Damask Decor Cartridge
Cricut Craft Room software
Stampin Up Die
Circle Cutter

Friday, February 22, 2013

Mini-Garden-Pots and Dew Drops!

Here is a quick and easy way you can "perk" up your small garden pots with The Robins Nest Dew Drops! I started by cleaning up a few mini pots that have succulents growing in them. Just a bit of window cleaner and a dry cloth to buff the surface dry. In the above pots, I chose colors that did not take away from the plants inside, but would look pretty enough when the sun came out to play.
 Here is a mug that got left outside one summer. Now it holds my extra plant markers. For glue, I used Helmar 450. It goes on clear, dries clear and so far is pretty weather hardy. I use this glue for most of my Dew Drop needs.
 Dew drops used in this mini garden project:
Carnation Dews
Sun Yellow
Kelly Green
Purple Hair
So, do you have any "mini-garden" pots that need a little something? All it takes is a little bit of dew love. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's a Card - It's a Gift - It's Robin's Nest!

This month we are delighted to feature a fabulous set of creations that showcase Robin's Nest Tear Dew Drops.  If you haven't already done so, be sure to visit all postings in the Robin's Nest Blog to see all kinds of fancy uses for this go-to embellishment.  Along with Tear Dew Drops, we are featuring projects using Modge Podge from this month's partner, Plaid.

When I received my first collection of Tear Dew Drops, each time I poured them in my hand, the solid black tear drops (Piano Tear Dew Drops) would just jump out at me and get my mouth to watering .... for .... WATERMELON!  So I knew I just had to go with the obvious with these Tear Drops - a watermelon-themed card.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Switzerland is such a Beauty

 Layouts From Our Day in Switzerland

Hello Again from Utah,

This is Robin.  When we are touring I just go wild with the camera and shots of things that I love, or that I find very beautiful, and I try to catch the beauty of the moment with my camera.  So I take a few too many photos.  So I find myself creating many pages of the same area, which is what I am sharing today.
On our way to Zurich, we stopped at this really quaint town, not much in it, a few shops and houses around, but the Cathedral is right next to the river in the most beautiful setting of the day.  It seems everywhere you stop in these little towns it is much the same, such beauty everywhere.

 So my first layout is so simple and is created with the simplest of simple in layouts.   PAPER.  I used Getaway Glitter Swirl CS, and Family Glitter Getaway CS, Brick Watercolor Cardstock for frames, and Embrace Life Linen CS which frames the feature photo on the left side of the page.  I added a few leaves from my sticker stock and jewel stock, and we are done.  I will journal still.  The larger photos are showing the beauty of the river, and the small 2x2 punches of photos create the rest of the beauty of the simplicity of the layout.

Because Cathedrals are never simple this page comes from a more unsimplified look.  I wanted it to have a fancier look to the page and feel.  I used Time Teal glitter words CS, teal glitter chipboard die cut out with Spellbinders dies, giraffe CS, and Glitter Brown Classic swirl and Brown Herringbone CS, teal metallic dew drops, and teal glitter journaling tag.  I also used teal glitter ribbon.  The look of the page feels so much more elegant, just like a Cathedral page should feel.

On the river were these beautiful Swans, and they were really beautiful until they came close, and the dirt showed up 100 fold, but the white against the gray looking water just fascinated me, and I loved the moment.  Dana has his own little camera, which takes just a good pictures as my EOS.  So I was able to have pictures of me in this layout too.  I only used Almost Black Cardstock, and Brick Cardstock and scrub oak leaves from my back yard to create this page.  I'm not sure I'll journal this page, the beauty of the swans just speak for themselves, and the fact that they just swim around wild and live on the river's edge.  This is such a great simple page, simple in cost as well.

I love to share the simple in scrapbooking, and this is just that.  Simple layouts for great looks and results.  Well, not the Cathedral, but the other 2 are.  Switzerland is one of our favorite places, love the memories of being there!



Monday, February 18, 2013

Two Cards, Two Looks

Hello everyone.  Welcome back to The Chattering Robin's blog, and my second monthly post for The Robin's Nest.  Before I get to the project, though, I want to tell you about a fabulous sale going on this month.  All tear shaped dew drops are 20% off this month.  There are not only new shapes, but new sizes and colors, too!  So head on over to the the store and stock up now.  We are also teaming up with Mod Podge this month, so I will be using their Mod Podge One-Step Crackle Medium in one of my projects today.  This product is awesome and I hope you will also visit their website to check out their line of products as well.

Today, we are going to play with die cuts and fabulous papers from The Robin's Nest.  There is just no better combination, in my humble opinion.  So, let's take a look at my first card.

Dew drops available at The Robin's Nest

Hi, Everyone!
Glad you visited TRN blog this Sunday!
                          Since this month all the tear drop are 20% off all month!
What a wonder I'm here with another creation using these wonderful products of chattering robins
For this project  i used Dew Drops available at The Robins Nest are luscious drops of transparent color.. perfect for my project!

For my background I do these roles braided black and silver

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brenda's Name Blocks

Good morning all, Brenda here again and welcome to another post by me for the Robin's Nest Design Team.  I've been so actively altering anything I can get my hands on.  Hubby just said he's gonna have to hide the cat and dog cuz I'll probably alter them soon.  Seriously though, I love making something out of nothing and here is a cute project I made for my granddaughter.  She turned 3 on New Year's Eve and I wanted to make her something for her room.  Her room is primarily pinks and purples and when I got these papers from the Robin's Nest I knew I needed to use them for Miss Bella.  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fun with Swirls and Tear Drops!

                                                          Hi, Everyone!
                                 Glad you visited TRN blog this Saturday!
                          Since this month all the tear drop are 20% off all month!
         I decided to add a several colors so you can view a variety of amazing colors on one project!
                        Look at how well the colors match the products I used on the LO!
                                Love how the tear drops adds so much color to the LO!
                   For the background paper I used Silver Classic Glitter cardstock.
 The pattern paper I used, the classic Roses cardstock and the Black Glitter swirl on white.
The black glitter swirl on white is one of my favorite pattern papers at TRN!! Very pretty paper!
              For the clock I fussy cut them from the Black and White clock paper.
                                         The metal clock is by Tim Holtz.
             I used the TRN black journaling box to add the title using the TRN glitter red letters!
              Here is the link for TRN Tear drops that are all on sale at 20% all month!
                         I had a lot of fun creating with the tear drops this month!
                     Below I will share about the metal embellishments I created!

                                       The DT Team has partnered with Plaid this month!
                                 We have all really enjoyed using their products this month!
                            I'm creating with the MOD PODGE Dimensional Magic in Gold!
It is a liquid product that has clear gold glitter and it allows you to set a design inside of an object or on top and it hardens the items you set inside or on top of a product.
The first picture below I added some tear drops and at the bottom of the charm I added 3 small long beads to fill in the smaller space. I then attached a heart shape charms and added 3 yellow tear drops and added the sentiment zoo. It takes about 12 to 24 hours for the Dimensional magic to dry.
I also altered a metal clip below! I punched two hearts using some scrap TRN papers.

 The two heart on the clip!
Both of these projects did not take that long to create and the MOD PODGE Dimensional Magic in Gold
was a lot of fun to create with!

Here is the the Plaid site and all the info about the MOD PODGE  Dimensional Magic in Gold!
If you would like some more inspiration using the tear drops or Plaid products come back and visit the blog!
Each day a DT members will be sharing some amazing & creative projects!
Do you need a challenge? We have several for the month of February click here for all the info!
Thank you for visiting today!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Owl Party Treat Bag

Recently I celebrated my 40th Birthday with friends and family. We went out to dinner, shared laughs, great food and fun. At the end I gave them these treat bags filled with hand made salted caramels and sea glass candy. :)
I used Teal Classic Glitter cardstock for one owl and the flowers and Spring Green Glitter Classic cardstock for the other two owls.
A bit of Glitter Awning was added to the bottom of the bag.
Hot Pink Dew Drops in the middle of each flower,  and the Getaway Dew Drop collection for the owls party hats and eyes.

Other materials used: Stampin Up owl punch, Fiskars flower punch, decorative paper tape (washi) for the banner, hats and some bakers twine. I added the a bit of detail with a ink pen.

Everyone loved their treat bags and I'm sure your friends will too!

Don't forget ....Tear Drops are on sale, %20 off until the end of February. :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Card

Happy Valentine's Day. Today's card is one you can use for any love occasion.
White mist
mini clothespin
brown marker
corner punch
write-out tape
Adhesive ( 3-D foam square and a liquid)
 To give the banner a distress look I ran the write-out tape on the edges and scraped some of it of with my craft knife. 
 This is what it looks like.
I glued three tear dew drops onto the colored clothespin and clipped it to one of the hearts.
For the envelope seal I used one of the small  glittered hearts.

Don't forget to stock up on Tear Dew Drops this month. They are 20% off. 
Thanks for stopping by and have a Wonderful Valentine's Day. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Listen to Your Heart Tag

Well, Valentine's Day is almost upon us and I have just one more post for the season. I decided to try my hand a mixed media art (so don't laugh at my attempt, k?). I follow several YouTubers who do mixed media art and I think I've been bitten by the bug.

Before I share my project, let me share The Robin's Nest current sale. The tear shaped dew drops are 20% off this month. Be sure to check out the new shapes, sizes and colors! You can check out the store here to find these and other great products. Remember, sale time is always a good time to stock up.

Rain Drops!!

Another amazing offer from The Robin's Nest in February...

Just keep checking back at the Chattering Robins blog for many inspiring 
creations designed by The Robin's Nest Design Team this month!

This sentiment comes from Gel-a-tins.
Keeping your layout simple can really make the sentiment...or embellishments...the focal point!

Monday, February 11, 2013


Hello girls Robin's Nest
I love this paper line!!
And I wanted to show you guys how to definitely change the style of a paper that I think more chic for a clean layout.
Very simple, very massive plaster on the bottom and a few drops of spray paint

Use Robin Nest paper's as accents

This Paper is part of the Classified Paper Line
that Image is on the paper I just cut  it out to use as an accent
I painted my cut with watercolor pencils Faber Castell to give a contrast and highlight your beautiful drawing.

Remember is month we are featuring our Tear Drop.  Check out the Website for all the information

Enough for today and await my next post for those who like boys layouts.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

~Beauty In Flight~ The Robins Nest Design Team Post

~Beauty In Flight~

Dragonflies are a sort of Mantra for me, they stand for beauty and determination....   especially in flight.
Their wings hold such transparent and amazing colors.. and have you seen a dragonfly up close.. even their eyes are filled with vibrant colors! Just think if  we could hold that much  beautiful color in our lives and spread it around wherever we went!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Twenty Years of Love

My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, so I thought it called for a special page, made with special touches.  To get those special touches I used papers and embellishments from The Robin's Nest and Plaid's Modge Podge Photo Transfer Medium.

Be sure to start your photo transfer project a day before you want to scrap!  I used some cotton duck canvas I had in the house and copied a photo from our wedding in black and white. The directions on the package are so simple, it just needs 24 hours to dry!  Once I removed the paper from the original copy, I frayed the edges of the canvas by pulling some threads.

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