Thursday, November 29, 2012

Decorated Address Book

 I don't know about you, but when it comes to the Holidays, Birthdays or other special events...I'm lost trying to find a address! Before Dyllan was born, (he's now 8 1/2), I was on top of everyone's Birthdays and Anniversaries! I bought the cards, wrote in them and sent them off- on time.
Now that I'm a full time Mom and Crafter, I have plenty of time to make cards but often forget to send them!
So here I made up this folder using some of my most favorite Robins Nest papers
I used: Glitter Pink Sorbet, .Blue Raspberry Glitter Sorbet,  
Iridescent Blue Glitter Swirl,  ...


... Some color coordinates from The Robins Nest Fleur line. I love how the other side is pretty stripes!
I used a large scalloped border punch and a tab punch.
 I punched my strips and glued them to the edge of white printer paper, enough pages for every letter in the alphabet.
 I alternated the double sided Fleur paper for the tabs and hand wrote the letters with a black marker.
 Then I added lined paper to each letter section and wrote in the addresses, categorizing everyone by last name.
 I made columns on the right side of each lined paper to keep track of our Holiday cards. I can check off  "G"= give, "S" = send and "R" = received.
Later after the holidays I'll print a nicer copy of the addresses from the computer and plan to add Birthdays, Anniversaries and any other special info.
The remaining strips were used to create the front of the book. I used a 3-ring binder for the book. The front had a clear pocket, perfect for this.
The first couple of pages in the book, (not shown) has my check of list of cards we have and plan to send to Family, friends, my craft friends and Dyllan's School friends. I also put next to each name a star or heart or both. The star = our holiday family photo and the heart = Dyllan's school photo.
The front pocket helps keep mailing labels tidy and a regular binder school pouch holds pens, stickers and stamps for on the time card sending!
Thanks for coming by, I hope you liked my project!


The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

I need to organize myself too! Not just for addresses... I have notes all over the place :) great idea Michelle!

Camille Short said...

Love it...brilliant idea!

Barbara Rankin said...

Love this idea, too, Michelle. Wonderful idea, and would make a great gift for someone.

Robin said...

cute idea!

michelle hodges said...

Fabulous, creative, and amazing address book!

Danie May said...

The papers you have used are so pretty together Michelle and its a fabulous way to be organised for Christmas. xx

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