Monday, November 12, 2012

Altered Mailbox

I made an
Altered Mailbox
Making Memories Sanding Block
Metal Mailbox (Seasonal $1 bin Target)
Modge Podge

1. Figure out how wide your mailbox is and cut the cardstock that wide and then cut that piece in half.
2. Glue the paper the mail box. If you don't cut it in half it will be upside down on the other side. Also you will need to leave a tiny piece between where the flag is in which I used a small piece of the other side of the double sided paper to cover.
3. Cover the lid of the mailbox with the other side of the paper (side without crowns) and you may need to use a sanding block to make sure it is even with the lid.
4. Cover the paper with modge podge so it stays put. (This step I forgot before the picture and have since taken it apart and done so I know it will stay together.)
5. Add the clippie to the flag.
6. Adhere the castle to the front of the mailbox.
7. Adhere the crowns to the side of the mailbox.
8. Use dew dew glue and adhere the dew drops on the front and if you want in any other place, they are great embellishments for any kind of altered projects as well as layouts and cards.
I chose this theme because I am the princess in my castle. :)
I am hoping to try to find a neat way to use it so my son can leave me notes in it and will make him a male themed one to leave him notes in his room!)
There is a cute princess paper if you wanted to use it for a young girl, it is more child-like.
Also may add the word PRINCESS to mine when I can find some lettering that is small enough!
Thank you for looking,


The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very cute mailbox!!

michelle hodges said...

Super cute and fun altered mailbox!

Robin said...

Cute mailbox, every little girl would love mail coming from here!

TracyM #6773 said...

Very cute mailbox Jamie :)

Danie May said...

Such a lovely alteration Jamie. I am sure you will find many uses for this. It would make a great in tray for a desk! xx

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