Monday, October 8, 2012

It's a Halloween "Drink" Affair!

Hello and Welcome!
I've never been one that is much for Halloween and I have two kids 18 and 11 so you think I would've warmed up to it WAY before now.
I've always been known as the Grinch of Halloween but I've found that over the past few years since I've moved out of just scrapbooking and more into cardmaking and altered items that I'm beginning to like the holiday because there is so much designing to be done!!
I was at a loss at first, do I make a layout, or go for something else?
I chose the latter and am happy with it! :)
Soda/beer bottle(s) - depends on which you want to drink and/or decorate
Glitter Purple Crackle Cardstock (double-sided)
Black Ink Pad
Black tulle
1. Take your desired length of tulle and tie it around the top of the neck of the bottle.
2. Then take a ruler or a piece of ribbon to check how wide to cut your cardstock then wrap it around the bottle to see how long the piece of cardstock needs to be as well.
3. Use the Helmar runner and cover the back side of the cardstock and adhere to the bottle.
(I never realized how tough this tape runner really is and heavy duty!)
6. Stamp the mango cardstock with any label stamp of your choice and black ink.
7. Cut out the label from the cardstock and adhere to the cardstock you already wrapped around the bottle.
8. And last but not least, my ABSOLUTE favorite dew drops. Add them to your bottle/label as you like. You can never use too many. :)
Enjoy making these as well.
There are places online as well that you could download the pattern you like onto your cardstock.
The double-sided cardstock would also be great to use on a layout or card which I plan to use the left overs in two weeks when I post again on doing my little zombies page!
Thanks so much for visiting.


The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very cute idea!! I love it!

Michelle H. said...

Very fun project!!

Barbara Rankin said...

What a great idea for Halloween favors. Love it, Jamie.

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