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Haunted House Book

 Haunted House Book

Hello Robin's Nest Followers,

This week my creation is the Ultimate Halloween Haunted House Scrapbook!  I created these pages to interact and to be Elegantly Scary!  This has been such a fun book to create, and my photos from this year will be printed fast and added to the pages.

My cover page for the  book is interactive.  The fence to the right is separate and lays on top of the bottom of the haunted halloween page, thus you can turn it as a mini page.  I didn't put a frame on this cover page for a photo, but at the bottom where the glitter pumpkins are, under the fence photos can be added.  I so love how this cover page turned out.  This will be the first page you see as you open my Halloween Binder that I created, and will be posted on October 20th's blog post.


As you see my page it is a combination of several of our cardstock papers to create this really haunted look.  I used Haunted House CS, 2 sheets, Glitter Black Trees CS, Halloween Sticker sheet, black diamond drops are added to the roof line and the picket fence, white gauze for the ghosts, orange and black dew drops (spooky).  The bottom page under the fence I used the Orange Bones CS, and Glitter Pumpkins CS (I cut each pumpkin out separately, but you could just trim a strip off the CS and add it to the bottom of the page).  I cut haunted out with my cricut.
The Haunted house is cut out, and so is the raven and tree limb cut out separately.  This page is actually 10x12, as I wanted my book to have graduated pages inside.  I'm thinking I might add more black diamond drops to the bottom of each layer of roof line, they look so cute there.
As you open the book to the first page we are in the cemetery!  It looks scary here with our Glitter Purple Crackle CS tombstones.  I used yellow burlap for the moon, a purple glitter chipboard bat, Pumpkin Heads CS (the back side) for the dirt around the tombstones a strip from the back of Orange bones CS at the top right corner, with a sticker from Halloween Sticker sheet on top. A black journaling tag is distressed with brown ink at the bottom. Each tombstone is distressed on the edge with a pair of open scissors, this makes the white edge of the paper curl up a little, then I also distressed them with brown ink. The background is Glitter Ghosts CS.  Black diamond drops edge the bottom of the tombstones and the journaling tag.  Don't you feel like you are in a cemetery!!!  Photos are to be put on the tombstones!

Our next page is opened to the Glitter Spooky Eyes Linen CS.  This page is created with many different facets.  On the left side of the page layout is a strip from the Glitter Black Bats CS,  The frames for our photos are the Pumpkin Heads CS, all distressed with a pair of scissors for the torn edge look, these too are distressed with brown ink.  The big frame on the right side of the layout is layered with black CS, and Orange Circle vellum punched on the edges with a Martha Bat border punch also on top of the Pumpkin Heads CS.  Black CS strips are  added above and under the large frame with a glitter chipboard pumpkin at the top, 2 stickers from the Halloween sticker sheet, and a orange journaling tag at the bottom distressed with brown ink. I cut a pair of eyes from the Spooky Eyes CS for the journaling tag.  Attached to the top of the large frame is a clip from the spider clippies, and bones cut from the Orange Bones CS.

Our next page in the book is all about BATS!  I used our Glitter Black Bats CS for the banner, bats are die cut from a Spellbinders Bat die and an old book, and letters die cut from a Quickut font.  The background is Glitter Purple Crackle CS,  black CS squares border the bottom of the page with a black journaling tag at the top of them on the right.  2 round stickers are added to the sides of the journaling tag.  I also put a tag on the edge of the page from the Halloween sticker sheet.  Any BAT can enter this page.  We so love it!
Our next page in the book is spooky for sure.  The background is the back side of the Pumpkin Heads CS.  It just has a scary look all in itself, I love it.  Photo frames are from the Glitter Orange Crackle CS that just adds to the scary look.  Pumpkin Heads CS on the edge of the large photo frame with orange bones cut out to edge the frame and the corner of the same page.  These bones are cut from the Orange Bones CS.  I used the oval and round stickers from the Halloween sticker sheet, spider corner and green lion on right are clips from the spider clippie package, and the fleur cut from Autumn Fleur Linen CS.  I also edged the right side of the layout with a strip from the Glitter Black trees, and another strip of bones cut out.  The frames are distressed with scissors as is the edge of the entire layout.  I cut the top with a round punch and put a hanging spider from the Halloween rub on sheet there.  More bats cut from a spellbinders die out of old books, orange die cut bats from Martha border punch, and my title Haunted House cut with my cricut in black CS. Orange dew drops add depth to the page layout too.  Love the Elegant Scary Look!

Our next page layout is about spiders for sure!  Background is Glitter Orange Crackle CS, the right side stripe is the back side of the Glitter Camo Ghost CS.  Spiderwebs are cut from our Glitter Black Spiderweb CS, Title from Halloween words, Halloween Rub on on the corner of the white frame, black CS for frames on the left side, and glitter spider ribbon with 2 plastic spiders complete the page.  I love the spider look!!!!!

Last but certainly not least is our Camo Ghost page.  I love to bring elegance into any page, and the Autumn Fleur Linen CS does this to this page layout.  I used it for my frames, and then also cut out the fleurs separately for the embellishments.  Halloween is from the Glitter Halloween words sheet, Tag from the Halloween sticker sheet, black burlap, orange dot mesh, and the Glitter Pumpkins CS also used for the frame on the left side. Orange dew drops edge the photo frames and the mesh.  Background is Camo Ghosts CS, and Camo Ghost die cut stamp with black CS behind it.  Love Halloween with a fun twist to it! 
Remember I told you all the pages are 10x12, but this last page with the Camo Ghost die cut Stamp is 12x12, so when you open the book, the front page with the Haunted Halloween is 2 inches shorter than this page, and it peeks out from the back of the book.  Soooo Cute!

I just love love this layered look, This book turned out so cute, Haunted Halloween cemetery and all.  Hope you enjoyed these ideas.  These pages are for sale on 

Halloween Ciao!




The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very cool book! I can't wait to see the binder! Great job!!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Amazing Book!

Danie May said...

What a fabulously fun and spooky book! I so wished we celebrated Halloween here just so I could add photos to this. xx

Barbara Rankin said...

What a fabulous Halloween book. I love all the elements you used. Fantastic!

Robin said...

Thanks! It was so very fun to create!

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