Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween at the O'Crowley's

Halloween at the OCrowley's

Come into my house my little pretties!

I wanted to share with you our home at Halloween.  I have always done some extra decorating for the seasons.  This October we went to visit Dana's brother Andy for an evening, his wife Stephanie had decorated the entire house so cute, and she inspired me so much!  I had decorated this back door and placed a hat on the coffee table and that was it.  When I left their house I had a changed attitude and decided to do a little more.  So just for fun I am sharing with you some of the vignettes.

Steph had black ravens everywhere, all over her house, just sitting around.  I love birds, and that so inspired me to get some,  but by the 15th of October there were few to be found.  She found 10 at a local craft store which we split, and I came home with 5 birds.  Will look for more next year.  So excited about this.  I love the black and white pumpkins, and I will wear the orange apron with my witches hat on Halloween.

Love the Raven for sure!

We found eye balls that glow with a battery inside.  I placed the eye ball in a nest of my streaming flowers I had just pulled from the front flower boxes, and a few leaves.  These sit on a cake stand, and I also place the glass cake cover over the top of the eye nest.
At my front door you are greeted with my fall wreath, and a glitter bat hanging from it.  Fast and easy!

As I wash dishes the window ledge above the sink has my white pumpkins stacked in a clear candle holder.  I tied a cheetah bow around the container.  Couldn't resist the ribbon at Lowes this year. We grew these mini pumpkins, I have been waiting for fall to place them all over the house!

I created a spell bar, and 3 year old Kadence when she comes in the house stands at the corner of the cupboard and stares.  It scares her, she comes close to me and hides behind me.  I just laugh, the gums and teeth look real,  I added some candy eye balls and a candy ear a few days ago, they were a gift from my visiting teachers.  She is really scared now.  I hope this hasn't ruined her.  The sign has graced our counter top for years, I love the things to beware at Halloween.
At last the kitchen bar, with black plates, white pumpkins, spiders, and place mats made from Robin's Nest purple crackle and black glitter dot cardstocks.  I cut spiderwebs from the Glitter black spiderweb and placed them on the white plates.  Kadence just sits at the bar chairs and plays with the spiders.  So cute, she loves anything mini, Just not eyeballs!

Have a Happy Halloween!!




The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very cute decor!!

Wendy said...

Wow! What a fun place to be.

Marília Lopes said...

Beautiful and fun house!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

you have the coolest house ever! Starting with the front door! Loving all those Halloween decorations!

Barbara Rankin said...

Love your Halloween decor. You really went all out. Love the little mini white pumpkins. Everything looks so nice.

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