Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cowboy Up Mini Album

I created this mini album as an insert to my travel journal from our summer road trip to South Dakota (Deadwood).  We had so many pictures from this little photo shoot, I couldn't decide on just one or two.  By creating a  mini album insert, I was able to use 10 pictures!  Here's what I did:

I started with my stash of Robin's Nest Papers and chose the double-sided Cowboy Cardstock (you really need double-sided paper for this to come out finished looking) and double-sided Calamity Jane Roses Cardstock.  I don't think I could have found more perfect paper for these pictures if I was to try and create it myself.  I love, love, love the cowboy paper and the roses with a touch of glitter is fabulous.  The colors are perfect muted tones that really capture the feel of the old west.  I also used the Cowboy Stickers which were the perfect finishing touch.

I started with my two sheets of paper and cut the Cowboy Cardstock (link above) to 7"x 12".  I scored it 1", 6" and 11" on the long side (this will be the cover). I cut the Calamity Jane Roses Cardstock (link above) to 7" x  9.5"  and scored it in the center.  I used the 5" strip that was left to cut a piece 4.75" x & 7" I then used the left over scrap of the CJ Roses Cardstock for an extra fold-out piece.  Here are the cut pieces:

The next step was to attach the CJ Rose 7" x 9.5" piece to the flap (created by scoring at 1") on the left side of the cover with the fold facing in.  This creates a double fold-out and should look like the picture below when open.

The next step is to add the 4.75" x 7" piece of CJ Roses Cardstock to the flap on the right side (flap created by scoring cover at 11"). Now it should look like this with the double fold-out on the left and a single fold-out on the right:

When the double fold-out is opened it should look like this:

The last step to the construction portion of the album is to add the small scrap to the single fold-out on the right side.  When both fold-outs are open it should look like this:

This is a top view of the whole album:

The next step is to add your pictures and embellishments which, of course, is the fun part!  This paper was so perfect, I didn't have to add much to get that old west feel I was looking for. . . it just sort of came together.  Here are some pictures of the finished album:

Thanks for looking at my Cowboy Up Mini Album.  Be sure to saddle up and mosey over to the Robin's Nest website to check out the whole line of western paper and embellishments.  Check out my blog at to see more of my creations.

~ Make Today Count


michelle hodges said...

Very beautiful & creative mini album!!

Wendy said...

Thank you!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

I love these papers!! Such a cute idea too! And your tutorial is very awesome! Great job Wendy!

Wendy said...

Thank you, I love these papers too!

Robin said...

Wendy, Such a cute book! I so love books!

Danie May said...

This is so adorable and a fabulously fun album Wendy, I love it! xx

Barbara Rankin said...

So cute cowboy book, Wendy. I love it.

Wendy said...

Thanks ladies!

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