Saturday, September 1, 2012

School Days Mini Album

Well, it's officially the last weekend of summer vacation. School starts Wednesday (ugh!) . . . So here's my Schools Days project (okay, so I'm finally getting to scrapping 1st grade and my son is going into 3rd . . . but hey, I'm doing it lol.

So I started the way I always start. I chose my paper and what embellishments I thought I might use from my Robin's Nest stash. Check out the Robin's Nest website for some fabulous products! The paper I ended up using is Red Fat Plaid, Glitter Brown Animal Print, and solid cardstock to match. The embellishments I chose were Red Apple Die Cuts, Apple Paper Clips, and the chalkboard (which I love, love, love!).

I decided I was going to make a mini album (because that's my all time favorite thing to make). The base of my album is two pieces of chipboard 6" x 4.75" (please ignore my messy craft mat - I am not a clean crafter, much to my husband's dismay).

Next I inked up the edges of my chipboard with red ink (you could use paint or chalk or any form of color that works for you - or leave it raw). Then I added some Robin's Nest Glitter Brown Animal Print for my first layer.

I punched two holes at the top of each cover (one inch from the each edge and a quarter of an inch down) and added extra large eyelets for a finished look.

Next I added a layer of solid card stock followed by the Red Fat Plaid patterned paper (perfect for those school themed layouts or albums). I wrote on the chalkboard with a white distress pen and added a pencil and piece of chalk I made myself. Both are created from a bamboo skewer which I have cut in pieces. The chalk I simply painted white and it is the perfect addition to the fun, fun, fun chalkboard. Can you tell how much I love the chalkboard - lol?

The pencil (zoom in on the picture below to get a closer look) was sharpened with a hand-held sharpener and painted yellow except for the tip and the eraser. I colored the eraser with a red marker and the tip (lead) with a black marker. To give it a finished look I used a little thin silver colored wire I had in my stash to wrap around where the eraser meets the pencil. I love the way it turned out. I simply glued the pencil to the top of the chalkboard. To finish off my mini cover (I will add pages later) I added a stamped image of ABC blocks, a red apple paper clip (see the link above to purchase the set which comes with three colors), two binder rings and some ribbon. Let me know what you think. I am really pleased with how this turned out.

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 Thanks for taking a look at my School Days Mini Album cover and don't forget to fly over to the Robin's Nest website and check out great products!

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The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Such a sweet idea!! It displays so cute! Great job Wendy!

Barbara Rankin said...

Love your mini album cover. All of your embellishments turned out really nice, too.

Dymo Cards said...

Ah that is a lovely idea, love the step by step that you show, a fab blog! :-) x

Heidi Meyer said...

So cute! Love this idea!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Thank you!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Thanks! We love Wendy!

Danie May said...

This is great Wendy! I love your front cover! xx

Wendy said...

Thank you!!! I had fun playing with some great products.

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