Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pumpkin Wine Bottle Decor

Every year in October, our neighborhood gets together for a pumpkin carving event for the kids.  I am usually in charge for the initiation to the get together, but everyone else helps out with the rest.  It is very cool how every neighbor pitches in.  Well in invites went out on Saturday night! Let the fun begin.  I forgot to take a picture of the invites, sorry. But I am sharing some pics of some of the decorations for the event.

I started out with some wine bottles that I have been saving.  I had Cortney cut off the bottoms in random different lengths.  We then drilled a hole in the middle of the cork and strung our cowboy ribbon through.  I then proceeded to decorate.  Using Helmar glue I wrapped the bottom of the bottle with burlap from one of our texture packets.  I then traced a pumpkin out with the glue and proceeded to place the orange mini dew drops on the glue lines.  I then added more glue for the stem and placed emerald green diamond drops.  I then took more ribbon from our Robins Nest straw collection and tied a bow around the burlap.  I glue dew drops to 2" strips of ribbon and glued them to the top and bottom of the bottle.  I then wrapped our cowboy ribbon around the top for a finish. Viola! Hanging decorations! I am making 9 more of these to go around the pop-up tents.  We are using the bottoms that we cut off earlier in the same fashion, except they will sit on the tables and have cute candles in them for a sweet glow!

I think that I am also going to string Christmas lights around the pop-up tents for a soft ambiance.  So excited!  We bring out the BBQ's and close down our road so no one can run over the kids.  All of the neighbors sit and BS about whatever has gone on during the year.  I like that we can get together every once in a while.  I brings stability to the neighborhood, which I really like!!
I urge you to try this in your neighborhood! It is sometimes a real enjoyable eye opener!

Robins Nest products that I suggest for this project:
 In love in Italy Dew Drops
 Handsome boy Mini Dew Drops
And any of our Texture packets!

Until next time!
Have a wonderful day!


Dawn Mercedes said...

oh wow! What a clever idea!!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Thanks Dawn!

Robin said...

Rachel showed this to me on our way to Idaho when we stopped for a few. Such a cute idea!

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