Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Mini Instagram Book

Fall Mini Instagram Book
Hello Again Friends,
I so love mini books, they are just perfect for a vacation or just a season you love the most.  I have a book for each season, and place the book on the coffee table, a new one each month.  For September I created a book about Utah's Fall.   I so love fall.  It is the season I missed the most while we were on our mission in Ethiopia.  So this year I am looking forward to the changing of the leaves, the crisp fall air, and just the feel of the fall weather.

This is the cover of my fall book.  I used a Accut die, which we have in our warehouse and make these books for sale.  This book is 12 pages, and I have included some self-made pages as well.  The front cover is made of the page cut out in the chipboard, when I cover the book in another printed cardstock, it really doesn't matter if the chipboard is in a color, so I covered  the chipboard in Glitter Pinecone. (remember all Robin's Nest paper products are printed on cardstock)  I love this cardstock, it just is so woodsy, but here I gave it a fall look.  Then I used our red glitter maple leaves die cut, and the pumkin glitter die cut.  The words are our glitter letters in brown, and the "f" and the rectangle on the under the"f" is cut from Glitter Orange Crackle.  A die from Spellbinders is used underneath the "F"all, die cut from our Glitter brown classic swirl.  I might tell you that all the glitter dark brown cardstocks will only be available until what we have in the warehouse is sold out.  We just cannot get the dark brown cardstock at a reasonable price anymore, so this will be deleted from our product line.

Inside the book I have used the cutest fall looking papers.  I want to share these with you. This page is made from the Glitter Daisy in Honeycomb, the right side of the page is cut from a 9" plate.  I just traced a plate on the paper and cut it out, then it became it's own page.

Here is the inside of the 9" circle page.  The opposite side of the Glitter Daisy is a stripe, so it just makes the cutest page and you don't have to do anything more, just use the backside of the Glitter daisy linen cardstock, and the circle page turns out so cute.  I also used a piece of the Glitter Pinecone, and a piece of the Glitter Mocha Trail, and a gold journaling tag.  Of course the little add ons are Robin's Nest too, the Fall Rub on is used throughout the book.  Notice that all the pages of the book have been distressed with brown ink.

I love using stripe alot, and this page I used the Glitter Leaf stripe, and the back side of Mocha Trail, and I used a corugated brown box.(it is cut a little longer than the rest of the pages of the book)  This is such a fun thing to use, and I have used it throughout the book here and there, this is a full page of it, but in the book there are little pieces of it cut for embellishment on pages.  The rub on raccoon is from our boy rub on.  Isn't he cute, I don't know why he is a he, but he just is!  I used the opposite side of the cut of the book page for the background stripe.  It gives the look that the brown is the parenthisis shape, but it really is the stripe.  Fun Huh!

This is the side of the book, showning the many pages.  It really is in browns, oranges, yellows, and tans.  There are a few red touches, and the last few pages are in green.  But as a whole it is a great Fall book!  I love it! 
Instagram photos are a great size for these mini books as well.  I usually cut my regular photos smaller to fit the pages better, but an instagram photo is perfect for these books too.
Well, the changing of the leaves is just around the corner, and my book sits on the family room table.  The grandkids always have to look and see what is there next.  It actually is fun for me to watch them interact with these books.  I haven't made a book just with them in it yet, but maybe that will come soon.  I am so looking forward to fall in Utah, it is the season I love the most, hope you enjoy your fall too.  I so love to make these books.  Hope you enjoy.  Look on our website, you can purchase the book as a kit as well.
Until next time.


Danie May said...

Such a great mini album, I am loving all the honeycomb colored papers and the great shapes of your pages. Beautifully done! xx

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very awesome book! I lots of instagram pics that can go in here too!

Creative M said...

Fabulous Mini!!Great JOb!TFS

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