Monday, September 10, 2012

Disney's Pluto

We try to head to Disneyland or Disney World every other year since 2005.

Think we are to the point of nearly broke now and next year is looking bleak. Haha.

I decided to do a layout for my oldest son's favorite Disney character, Pluto, and my son is 18.

I don't have all my pictures printed out for all of the years so I did the layout minus the pictures and hope you enjoy!

Ek Success Mickey and Pluto
Thickers letters
Red Seam binding

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The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

I think you will make it Ti Disney world next year! It's gonna get better!! Very cute layout!

De Tudo Um Pouco said...

I love Disney too.
Every year I travel I try to stay a few days at Disney.
This year I'm going to Disneyland again.
When I was there last year I bought a lot of materials to make scrapbooking. So cute.

Danie May said...

This is such a cute layout with the Disney Characters and the paws. If I ever make it to the States Disneyland would definitely be on my list of places to see!

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