Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mini Brag Book

Hello everyone.  Barbara here again, and I have a cute little brag book to share with you today, using those wonderful papers and embellishments from The Robin's Nest.  My post is a bit lengthy today, but I am really excited about this little book because, while I was making it, so many possible uses came to mind, and I have so many points to make. So let's get to it.  

After cutting all of your papers as shown in the diagram below, adhere double sided tape to the tabs.  

Double sided adhesive to tabs
On the cover piece (the one with only three thumb cutouts) you will add the closure flap for the front cover, as shown below. It attaches to the inside of the pocket page where there is no thumb hole.

Closure flap for front cover attached upper right
Adhere the tabs to the pockets, as shown.  NOTE:  If you remove only a portion of the adhesive liner and let it hang outside the area to be taped, you can easily line up the paper edges and then pull the remaining liner away to finish adhering the pockets together.

Now you have two pocket pages.  The outer pocket page has a wider spine so that you can adhere the inner pocket page inside, gluing both spines together.  The picture below shows where I have placed a 1/8" strip of double sided adhesive down the spine on the inner pocket page.  I found that I needed a bit more glue for sturdiness, so I also added some Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive to the spine.

I also added a decorative spine cover that I cut out from some matching cardstock from my stash, and punched each long edge with a bracket punch.

Decorative spine cover
Now for the closure.  I found these chipboard shapes in my stash and wanted to use them on the cover.  I embossed each with gold glitter embossing powder, then used the loop shape as part of the front closure.  I remembered seeing a hitch fastener being used in a similar way, so after placing the chipboard loop on the front, I determined where I needed to add the hitch fastener to keep it closed.

Here is the result.  

I further embellished the front with the key and a flower that did not match until I colored it with some picket fence (white) distress ink...

Left flower lightened with white distress ink
Of course, it would not be complete without using my favorite embellishment, dew drops.  In this case, the Mocha Trail dew drops fit the bill.  I think it really adds to the piece.  Simple tags were added to each pocket, and voila, you have the perfect little brag book to carry in your purse with your favorite photos of your children, grandchildren, pets, or in my case, my recent trip to Italy.  

Center page with travel pictures

I made four tags for each pocket using Glitter Mocha Daisy cardstock.  I cut the tags into 3-1/4" x 5" rectangles and rounded the corners. The tags can either hold more photos, or you can journal on them, or both.  Here is a picture of what I did with one tag, using the gold glitter journal tags.  

Tag with gold glitter journal
Although the journal tags are larger than my book tags, I was still able to use them by simply folding them in half and adhering along the edge of the tag.  Now, I have two journaling spots, one on each side of the tag.  And if you offset them, rather than centering them, you can still have room for more pictures.

Robin's Nest Products Used:  (with quick links below each image)
Mocha Trail Dew Drops
Glitter Mocha Trail cardstock
Glitter Gold Journaling

Regency Clippies

Victorian Clippies

This is such an easy book to make, and The Robin's Nest Papers and embellishments make it gorgeous.  I am sure you will want to make more than one. How about a Christmas gift for grandma, a coupon holder, a note holder, a birthday reminder list, or even keep addresses and phone numbers in it, the sky is the limit. If you would like to see more of my work, please click here.   

Thanks so much for stopping by, please be sure to visit The Robin's Nest online store for more amazing products and inspiration. 

Have a very creative week!


Pumpkin Wine Bottle Decor

Every year in October, our neighborhood gets together for a pumpkin carving event for the kids.  I am usually in charge for the initiation to the get together, but everyone else helps out with the rest.  It is very cool how every neighbor pitches in.  Well in invites went out on Saturday night! Let the fun begin.  I forgot to take a picture of the invites, sorry. But I am sharing some pics of some of the decorations for the event.

I started out with some wine bottles that I have been saving.  I had Cortney cut off the bottoms in random different lengths.  We then drilled a hole in the middle of the cork and strung our cowboy ribbon through.  I then proceeded to decorate.  Using Helmar glue I wrapped the bottom of the bottle with burlap from one of our texture packets.  I then traced a pumpkin out with the glue and proceeded to place the orange mini dew drops on the glue lines.  I then added more glue for the stem and placed emerald green diamond drops.  I then took more ribbon from our Robins Nest straw collection and tied a bow around the burlap.  I glue dew drops to 2" strips of ribbon and glued them to the top and bottom of the bottle.  I then wrapped our cowboy ribbon around the top for a finish. Viola! Hanging decorations! I am making 9 more of these to go around the pop-up tents.  We are using the bottoms that we cut off earlier in the same fashion, except they will sit on the tables and have cute candles in them for a sweet glow!

I think that I am also going to string Christmas lights around the pop-up tents for a soft ambiance.  So excited!  We bring out the BBQ's and close down our road so no one can run over the kids.  All of the neighbors sit and BS about whatever has gone on during the year.  I like that we can get together every once in a while.  I brings stability to the neighborhood, which I really like!!
I urge you to try this in your neighborhood! It is sometimes a real enjoyable eye opener!

Robins Nest products that I suggest for this project:
 In love in Italy Dew Drops
 Handsome boy Mini Dew Drops
And any of our Texture packets!

Until next time!
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Festive Friday #18

Hi Everyone!
     Welcome to another Festive Friday!
For this weeks card, I used the following supplies:
* Green card stock for the base of the card 8"x4", a border punch for the side.
* The strip of card stock in the center is Christmas Swirl Glitter.- 1"x7 1/2"
* The inner rectangles were white card stock 2"x2 1/2", which I inked with a light green ink and then did the edges with a darker shade of green ink.
* I inked Glitter Black and White Swirl with the two shades of green ink and then  created the leaves with a Holly punch.
* I used a gold metallic permanent pen on the edges of the rectangles and around the card. I adhered everything in place before adding the holly.
* After the holly was in place, I accented them with a little gold glitter glue and Red Dew Drops.
* Lastly I trimmed a Glitter Green Journal Tag to size, ran the gold pen along it's edges, added a seasonal sticker, and adhered it to the top of the card with foam tape.

I hope you have enjoyed this card as much as I have in making it!
Please visit the rest of the Festive Friday designers for more Holiday Card inspiration.

~ Michelle Frae Cummings


Today I want to show you guys how to create my layouts so get ready for lots of pictures! LOL

I hope that all makes sense to you guys!

I chose a mask to make the background:

Applied modeling paste:

And to give a contrast used red spray paint:

I love using cardboard on some projects:

And now the fun begins, creating layers.
I used a punch to give a finish in layers:

After this I put another layer in red, white, and one blue stripe forming the carpet for photo:

I distributed all chosen elements, played with shapes and wire rope connecting the butterflies.

I do not own cutting machine, so I drew the flowers, cut out and mounted. I'll make a tutorial of this flower in another post for y'all.
Again the quality of the Robins Nest product enchanted me; this was the flower with a beautiful effect due to the fantastic texture paper.

To give a charm to thebutterflies, I applied some Dew Drops on them:

I hope you enjoy and be inspired!
Marilia Lopes xoxo
Used in this project:

Mini Dew Drop

Mini parisiense

Chili Flame
Chili Flame

Chili Flame Border
Border Chama pimentão

Daisy Stripe Teal
Daisy Stripe Teal

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Digging Worms in the garden

 Hello Robin's Nest Friends,

I love to garden, and when the grandchildren are here when I am weeding, they love to help.  But of course in thier own way.  I always have little plastic buckets for them to put things in and little shovels.  So it was just fun for me to take pictures of these 3 cute little girls in my flower beds.  Well, they of course don't weed, but they love to dig for worms.  Certainly girls with no fear!  And love to save those worms!
In this cute layout is our 2 year old grandaugher Kaydence, she just had her 3rd birthday last week.  I used some different papers together that just look awesome together.  I used leaf stripe as my background cardstock, then I used leaf print paper.  I cut out the leaf groupings and glued them up in the corners to look like tree leaves coming down the edge of the layout.  I also used the back side of black and white pine cone to cut the leaves and swirls out of under the flowers.  I used 2 colors of glitter pink cardstock and flower punches to create the flowers. I cut out the words digging out of brown cardstock.  She is a beauty digging for the worms.

Kaydence's sister are in the second layout digging for worms too.  I used the back side of black and white pinecone cardstock for the background.  I also used glitter getaway leaf for the borders and the frame on the right side of the layout.  The "In Grandmas Garden" is cut out with the cricut with kiwi glitter sorbet as well as the shape with Aliyah's picture in it.  The swirls are cut out with the cricut out of glitter spring stripe.  I also used journaling tags in both layouts.  Green mini dew drops and razzleberry dew drops are used in the layouts.  I also used large clear dew drops in the layouts.

I have had fun the last few days working on these layouts, and loving my grandkids all over again.  This is such a joy.  Enjoy,  You can find these papers on our website. 




Monogram Framed!

 One of my really good friends had a birthday this month...and this is what I created for her to freshen up her wall of pictures.  It's a monogram of her surname....framed!

Where did I get all these buttons? 
Why, my DH's and boys' dress shirts. When they wear out or get stained, be sure to clip and save those buttons!

And...why not have a matching card.  We're a craft set, don't you know!  Here I created a long, tall card...with the same matching paper:  Viva La France.

Who wouldn't like this glitz and glam!
Happy Birthday Adrienne!

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