Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday Streamers!

For years, a birthday fairy has come to our home during the night before a birthday.  The birthday person wakes up to a streamer bedecked doorway!  When the kids were shorter, they loved running through the streamers for a days after their birthdays.

Maize and blue for the Michigan fan.

This year, the fairy decided to treat my daughter to a star-spangled doorway.  
A twelve year old daughter needs pizzaz and sparkle!

First, the fairy crafter used an electronic cutter to cut out 4 inch stars out of sparkly papers from The Robin's Nest. The Leopard Print Glitter, Teal Watercolor, and Orange Crackle papers are a perfect match for her teal and white room with orange accents.

I (or the fairy) lined up the stars in a color pattern on the floor so I could see how it would look together.  I used a random pattern, but you may want to choose a repeating pattern. 

Using a small handsaw, I cut down a yard stick to fit over the door way.  

After measuring out the spacing for the holes and drilling, I sanded the yard stick.

Basic black acrylic craft paint was used to cover over the dashes and numbers on the ruler.

As the first coat dried, I started sewing the stars together. I chose to double up the stars for sturdiness.  I used clear acrylic thread so that the stars can "float" in her door way. 
No adhesive needed. Just line up those stars!

Sewn together.

Waiting for that yard stick to dry!

Super awesome close up of the glitter papers!

 After a 2nd coat of paint, I tied the stars into the holes.  
The yard stick rests gently on the lintel of the door frame.

It's a hit!

She LOVES them!! 
Happy Birthday to my favorite daughter!!

Much more personalized that crepe paper streamers!
I painted my yardstick black b/c I wanted it to pick up the black and sparkles
on the stars. DD's choice was white...which is understandable too!

Some tips:
1. Practice first on your machine with some scraps of paper.
2. Be free flowing on the spacing.  No fuss, no worries. It's all for fun!
3.  I found that it was best to start and end about a half inch from the edge of the shape.
4.  Leave plenty of thread at the start so you can tie it into the yard stick.



Marília Lopes said...

Very cool and a beautiful design!!
What is this machine?? Have you believe that only the Cuttlebug.
Great tutorial!!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Awesome tutorial!! And I really lovethat your daughter loved it!!

PinkyLisasInkyCrafts said...

Fantastic tutorial :-) I love the crafting fairy hahaha

What a great idea and so much more personal than something purchased....that's gorgeous enough that she could keep it there for as long as she wants.

Hugs Lisa xxxx

Danie May said...

Great to see you are putting your Sizzix Eclips to such wonderful use Dawn! Such a great project and a wonderful way to start the day when its your birthday! x

Robin said...

So Fun!

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