Thursday, August 30, 2012

Festive Friday #16

Hi Everyone,
     Welcome to another Festive Friday!
Here I used a simple design to make a stunning card. :)
Materials used:
 Classified paper                                     Glitter embossed red Paisley

Sassy                                                            Christmas Tree

Thanks for coming by!
Please visit the rest of the designers to see more Holiday inspiration! :)
Michelle Frae Cummings

Greetings From Alaska!

Hello All!  I was so excited when I was invited to be a guest designer for today!  I am married to Robin's oldest son Joshua, and as many of you know from some of Robin's previous posts, is currently serving in the US Army.  I had so many ideas running through my head that I wanted to do for today but when I received this paper, I couldn't resist an Anniversary Card..because guess who is going to be home from his deployment in time for our 12th Anniversary this year? That's right, my sweetheart!

 The Damask Black and White paper is so regal and elegant it is easily one of my new favorites and will be doing more with it!  I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday and Happy Crafting!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Journey 8x8 Mini Book

 Hello Robin's Nest Readers,

A few weeks ago I posted a pioneer trek 3 day trip we took with our oldest grand daugher Chelsea.  I have created a 8x8 mini book for her and a copy for Dana and I of these fun memories we had those 3 days. 
Here is the cover of our book.  It shows the picture of a view of Coldwater Creek in Wyoming.  Our book titled "OUR JOURNEY at Martin;s Cove".  I wanted to share with you how I made the Brown Chipboard cover look like used leather.
I started with Brown Chipboard and cut it to an 8x8 size.

Around the edge of the Brown Chipboard I drew lines to look like it was sewn with a black pen.

I then distressed the edge with brown Distress Ink, and then sanded the entire book cover with 2 different sizes of sandpaper.

I then distressed the entire book cover again with Distress ink.

Then again around the edges and again on the front of the entire book I distressed it again with the sponge next to the ink.  My fingers were brown too, but the look is awesome. 

Here is the finished cover of the book.  I used natural burlap, Honeycomb Fleur for the Journey lettering cut out from the cricut, and the shadow is tropical linen also cut with the cricut. I punched a bird with a Martha punch, I also stamped the top edge and the bottom edge with Inkadinkado stamp.  The handcart on the front comes from a Robin's Nest cut out sheet called "Martins Cove".

Here are layoust from the inside of the book above and below, and the book is bound with the Zutter Bind it all, and metal binding.  This page is using green linen cardstock and a Martins Cove cut out and natural burlap.  It is now available in 12x12 sheets in many colors.
This page is using the back side of glitter Mocha Daisy and a cut out from the Martins Cove cut out.
The finished book is a joy to look through.  Chelsea hasn't seen hers yet, but I know she will love it, and it will bring her fond memories of our trek together.

I hope you enjoy this fun book.  Around the metal binding of the book, I put the arm bracelet we all recieved on the trek, it fit perfect, and seriously wasn't planned that way, I just thought it would be fun to attach it to the book. 
Have a great week! 



Birthday Streamers!

For years, a birthday fairy has come to our home during the night before a birthday.  The birthday person wakes up to a streamer bedecked doorway!  When the kids were shorter, they loved running through the streamers for a days after their birthdays.

Maize and blue for the Michigan fan.

This year, the fairy decided to treat my daughter to a star-spangled doorway.  
A twelve year old daughter needs pizzaz and sparkle!

First, the fairy crafter used an electronic cutter to cut out 4 inch stars out of sparkly papers from The Robin's Nest. The Leopard Print Glitter, Teal Watercolor, and Orange Crackle papers are a perfect match for her teal and white room with orange accents.

I (or the fairy) lined up the stars in a color pattern on the floor so I could see how it would look together.  I used a random pattern, but you may want to choose a repeating pattern. 

Using a small handsaw, I cut down a yard stick to fit over the door way.  

After measuring out the spacing for the holes and drilling, I sanded the yard stick.

Basic black acrylic craft paint was used to cover over the dashes and numbers on the ruler.

As the first coat dried, I started sewing the stars together. I chose to double up the stars for sturdiness.  I used clear acrylic thread so that the stars can "float" in her door way. 
No adhesive needed. Just line up those stars!

Sewn together.

Waiting for that yard stick to dry!

Super awesome close up of the glitter papers!

 After a 2nd coat of paint, I tied the stars into the holes.  
The yard stick rests gently on the lintel of the door frame.

It's a hit!

She LOVES them!! 
Happy Birthday to my favorite daughter!!

Much more personalized that crepe paper streamers!
I painted my yardstick black b/c I wanted it to pick up the black and sparkles
on the stars. DD's choice was white...which is understandable too!

Some tips:
1. Practice first on your machine with some scraps of paper.
2. Be free flowing on the spacing.  No fuss, no worries. It's all for fun!
3.  I found that it was best to start and end about a half inch from the edge of the shape.
4.  Leave plenty of thread at the start so you can tie it into the yard stick.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

School's Back in Session!

Hello, Here in Texas school is back in session beginning today!

I know some places it has already started and others it will be soon and I wanted to alter a few things before I go back.

I am a substitute teacher, certified teacher, but choose to substitute because I love choosing my schedule.

I always carry certain things on me when I go to work though, usually a folder for my write up forms that I really don't like to have to use and other important papers. Also like to keep a notebook to write things down in from time to time whether it is work related or not.

I decided what a better way then to start off the school year with some cute altered stuff and love the stuff from The Robin's Nest for school stuff.

Here is what I started with but didn't end up doing the pencil case as it was a little too hard.
Here is what I did finish up!

Altered Composition Book

Tim Holtz Brick Red Distress Ink
Sanding block

I have to say I love the altered composition book.
And I think next I'm going to make something for those post it notes with other papers from their 

Altered Folder

Red Fat Plaid Paper - (2 sheets)
Washi Paper

Here's my folder and it can't ever be mistaken for someone else's folder that is for sure.
I may still put my name on it.

Hope you enjoy!

Envelopes, Stickers and Memories!

Hi everyone!  It's Danie here today!  I am not a huge fan of stickers but I am really loving the ones from the Robin's Nest and I can't wait to get my hands on more, as they have such a wonderful range of themes to suit everyone.

Today I want to share with you a little Mini Album I made for some photos of one of recent holidays we took with our good friends using the Vintage Sticker Set by The Robin's Nest which is pictured below.

I created my Album out of six envelopes (tutorials for which you will find easily on the internet), and ended up with an Album which fits in the palm of my hand and has 12 pages plus the front and back cover and it could have had 7 pockets also (the beauty of creating with envelopes) but I chose to seal some of these up.


Once I had my album made from the envelopes. I used pieces of the Ancient Map, Creme Awning and the Reverse side of the Glitter Mocha Trail Papers from the Robin's Nest which I thought went perfectly with the Vintage Theme of the stickers.  For My Front and Back Cover I used the Ancient Map Paper. I then decorated my cover using some Travel related Stamps and the Postage Stamp and Oval Air Mail Stickers from the Set along with some of Brown Dew Drops from the Mens Collection. I used Brown Ink for all my stamping and to distress the edges.

Remember I said I sealed some of my pockets up.  I attached a button to the front cover by threading twine through the cover and button holes.  I sealed the pocket behind the front cover to keep my button in place and to hide the twine I had threaded through.  To the centre of my back cover pocket I added one end of a length of twine before sealing it.  By wrapping the length of twine from the back cover around the button on the front cover it easily holds my album shut.

Taking the other elements from the Stickers Set I stuck these all onto a piece of thin cardstock and cut these out.  I have used the Large Tag shaped sticker as a Tag, by adding some coordinating twine and stamping a Travel related quote.  I then stuck this onto the first page of my Album.

Before sealing the pocket created by this next album page's envelopes I placed just inside it the 'The Trip' Tab Sticker to create a Page Tab.   

The button shaped stickers are really my favorite element of these Sticker Sets.  I have used them to look like they are holding my photos in place and by using them throughout my album they tie all the pages together keeping the theme flowing.

I sealed all bar one of the pockets up in my album.  The one left alone is home to an additional tag I had in my stash.  The front of my tag simply says Remember this, and on the back I have written a few details, about the when and where of our trip. I now have a simple reminder of the wonderful holiday we shared with  our friends using my favorite photos.

So I have continued using the stickers and stamping throughout my album.  I even cut one of the buttons in half to create another Page Tab.  My last page I leaved blank to write some further memories of this time away.

I have wrapped some plain twine in and out and around each page and then tied small pieces of the more decorative twine to this.

It not only adds some interest but also covers up the join of my papers used to cover my album pages as well as taking away the starkness of the white spine as seen from the outside of the album.

I really loved making this quick and easy album using some envelopes and the stickers and papers from The Robin's Nest, I just know that I will be making more of these mini Albums.

Have a great week!

Danie xx

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