Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pioneer Trek in Wyoming

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was the 24th of July, Pioneer Day in Utah.  It is a state holiday, and celebrates when the pioneers came across the plains and settled in Salt Lake City.  Very memorable for us as we just went on a pioneer trek this weekend.  It was eye opening, and a great lesson in the history of the Utah pioneers.  Much sacrifice was made to get to Salt Lake City, which back then was just a new settlement.

Dana and I went on the trek as assistant cooks.  We left later in the morning each day after dishes were done, and left the trek early in the afternoon to cook for the group so when they arrived back to camp the food was already done for them. 

We went on the trek with 45 other people, 25 were youth ages 14 -18.  It was to help the youth understand the trials that took place in the pioneers lives, and reinact for 2 days how they lived.  We dressed in pioneer clothes, and pulled hand carts like the one below.  Each young person was assigned to a family, and stayed as a family group.
Our grand daughter Chelsea came with us.  Rachel is her mom.  Chelsea is in the yellow dress and orange bandana on her head.  This is her family that she was assigned to.  She is wearing a dress that my mother made for her self many, many years ago.  I wore it at one time too for something, can't remember what, but Chelsea fit in it perfect.  My mom will be so excited to see her dress on Chelsea.

This is our group getting ready to go on the 6 mile hike we had on the first day with the handcarts.  Each hand cart is equiped with a water cooler and a ice chest for our lunches.  The kids were really good about drinking enough water, we didn't have any problem with them fainting for dehydration.  Great group of kids.

Here is Chelsea and me together in our pioneer clothes.  Chelsea's family was the orange family, thus she has an orange bandana.

This is the Sweetwater river in Wyoming.  This is the area where the trek took place, you can see at the bottom of this hill I am taking this picture from is another group of handcarts and people.  They were the group before us on this pioneer trail.

Here is Chelsea and her family again.

Here is Chelsea and Tasha pulling the hand cart out of the Sweetwater River they had just crossed.  She actually went back across the water and let one of the young men carry her across.  History has it that 4 young men carried the people across the Sweetwater in October, the river was icy and full of ice blocks.  Grandpa Dana is on the left with the hat on.

Here is Chelsea and Grandpa at the Sweetwater river.  Isn't she just cute!

Here we are Me, Chelsea, and Dana out at the site right before Rocky Ridge.  A very, very rocky ridge the pioneers crossed.  This was another 6 mile hike on saturday.  See how dry this area is.  Amazing the trek, the lack of most anything, and going with a hand cart as small as the ones we pulled.  They were alotted 17 pounds of personal items per person, including a blanket.  Each cart was equipted with the necessities to cook on the trail.  The food was in wagons coming with the hand cart company, and they were alotted so much per day.

It was such a fun trip to go on, to hear the stories, and the sacrifices made by these pioneers.  We salute them, and honor them on Utah's Pioneer Day.  I have to say, I would not have been a very good pioneer.  They did sacrifice alot, and it was an especially hard hike through Wyomings terrain.  Glad for the experience, Glad for these people who came to settle Utah.

Loved sharing this trip with you.




Danie May said...

What a fantastic experience this undoubtedly was for all those involved. I think a hands on approach is a fantastic way to learn history!

Rachel said...

Very cool!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

What a wonderful experience! I love that you shared the photos with us! And that yellow dress is just lovely. Such a beautiful setting and beautiful history.

Dawn Mercedes said...

I've always wanted to participate in a pioneer trek! Haven't been tagged for it yet in my ward/stake. Although, probably in the heat...i'll be a mess! haha. Happy (belated) pioneer day to you!

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