Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My kind of scrapbooking

Honestly, I'm not so big on photographing people and places...trips and events. I prefer just enjoying the moment without an appliance held in front of my face. haha.  But, here is a very fun and interact photo layout that was tons of fun to create!

The finished product closes up neatly into a box.

For the main box, use a 12 inch paper...here I used CS Mouse. Score at 4" and 8" on each side in order to create a "tic tac toe" grid.  Then, cut the fold on the right, just to the first intersection as shown above.  Then rotate the paper 4 times and cut each right side.

Decorate the inside as you wish.  My parents started a yearly 4th of July Hatch Batch Parade when I was young.  We have all carried on the tradition. Although my sister Jocelyn has made it into a neighborhood affair...with probably 100 participants! 
I used Glitter Fireworks paper along with Glitter Fireworks diecuts, Liberty dew drops, USA Stickers, and glitter star clothes pins.  All are perfect for those summer holidays and traditions!

(Oops, I see that one of my dew drops  fell off....Dew Glue to the rescue!!) 

Here I used Gold Glitter Journaling.  I sliced it down the center in order for the box to close up properly.

After creasing all the folds, your box will be formed as you curl up the sides.  (Thank you goes to DS for demonstrating, while I snapped a picture.)

The lid starts off as a 6 x 6 inch square.  Score each side at 7/8", cut on the right as you did to the bottom layer.  Then, crease and fold, tape.  Decorate as you wish. I used more Liberty dew drops for the edge.

I have also decorated the inside of the lid.


Danie May said...

Wow Dawn I love this clever idea for a minibook/layout! xx

Rachel said...

Super cute layout, box! Very "outside the box" great idea!

brooke. said...

what a neat idea!:)

Robin said...

Very cute box, love the bow and the 2012 on it. Great Job!

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