Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just catching up this week

I'm a little late today, still can't seem to get my days straight.  Imagine that. 

The rental house is done, finally, and I can have my life back again, well sort of.  Tomorrow, we leave for Trek, which is: reinactment of being a pioneer crossing the plains, in Wyoming.  So right now very hot, we are the assistant cooks for 40 youth 14 to 18.  It will be fun, packed my memory foam mattress.  Do you think those pioneers had one of those?  I made 150 biscuts yesterday, and 2 batches of cookies to take for one of the treats, we will do the rest of the cooking on the trail. There is another couple we are helping with the cooking.  It should be fun.  Will let you know next week if I passed out or anything.  If I can hike in Ethiopia, I certainly can do this. 

Yesterday Dana and I weeded the garden, it needed some TLC since all the time we have spent in the last 3 weeks has been painting, remodeling, etc.  It looks sooo good.  Picked my first zuchinni and cucumbers this week, lots of lettuce and peas in the last month though. Also picked okra, they are growing in the greenhouse though, they need more humidity I think, so left them there in pots.  I don't know what it is about me and dirt, but I love to work with it.  Weeding is a past time for the summer with all the flowerbeds and the garden.  It is just fulfilling.  Silly really, but true for me.  I love it.

My scrapbook room is calling me.  It will have to wait until I get back from Trek.  I finally removed all the dust from my house this week-end, and pulled out a few mini books that I haven't finished.  They will be first on the task list to complete.  I really want to do something new though, it is so much more fun for a designer to design, not finish other tasks. 

Sharing a few more layouts, these are for the Disney vacationers.  There isn't much of these paper left in the warehouse, so you want to order soon.  You can also purchase these as a kit and just put them together.  Happy vacationing!

Mouse layouts

Have a great week!



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