Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Home of the Brave - Happy Birthday America

Home of the Brave
There is a spirit of America and celebration in our home all year long.  But especially in the month of June and July.  Independence Day reminds me of the great service that our sons give to our country.  Each year we decorate our home with American Memorabilia.  I decided to share this with you.  The only thing missing is a huge yellow ribbon, which I will probably put on my front door wreath today.
The binder on the table is Robin's Nest, I added wooden letters "USA" glued to the front, it is a fabulous leather 12x12 album comes in black and Navy shown here, available on the website.  The small mini book is made from Robin's Nest blue chipboard.  It is just cut with a Accut book die that we have in our warehouse.  It makes great books, and this particular book I glued 2 chipboards together to create the blue inside and outside the cover.  Love it.  We are a home of the brave.  3 sons serving in the Army of The United States of America.

I made this "home" board wanting to show my love for the places we feel most comfortable.  In the middle picture Dana, my husband is walking with our 2 grandsons in the Uintah Mountains close to our home.  But the most important part of the board is the flag that hangs from the front of our home.  It is shown in the bottom right corner.  All the papers used in this project is Robins Nest.  Dew drops give it such a wonderful finishing touch.

Our kitchen is decorated in the Red, White, and Blue proudly.  The kitchen table has a white vase with flags pouring from it.  This is the kitchen island, where after following Rachel's example, I set the island with something different each season.  I love to come in here in the morning, it just sets the mood for our day.  This month Red, White, and Blue are displayed proudly!

You of course remember that we spent 2 years in Africa.  In our home in Africa I would exercise on an old exercise bike, which was located in the upper hallway where I could look out onto the hill close to the home there.  The Ethiopian flag waved in my view every day.  I knew when I came home that I wanted to see my country flag wave.  Nothing is as over powering to an American to set foot on American soil after being away for so long.  Even our sons have expressed thier feelings as they have landed on American soil.  As our plane landed I teared up, not able to speak, knowing again that I was HOME!  So this year I put small flags in all of our window flower boxes.  They wave proudly everyday.  I am HOME!

I found this idea on pintrest this year.  I had a long narrow flag that I wasn't sure what to do with this year, and pintrest opened my eyes.  I already had the wreath with red berries and blue glitter mesh on it, I just added this narrow flag to it and fell in love.  It needs a big yellow ribbon for our son Josh serving his 3rd tour in Afghanistan right now.  We want him safe for sure.

My front door area has Uncle Sam's clothes hanging on the rose bush.  I aquired this years ago when we had our retail store.  And when the store closed I couldn't bear to part with it.  It is made by the company Honey and Me.  They have the cutest country things for sale ever.  Uncle Sam is the completing icon for the front of our home.  Love him.

The back door has our flag waving proudly in a white metal flat backed pot.  I justed used a few red and white flowers with them.  You cannot mistake the fact that America is our home. That we love our country.

While we were in Ethiopia we had a huge American flag hanging on the dining room door.  I never had to miss the Red, White, and Blue that represents our country.  It is such an icon for me. 

On the mantle of our family room is a triangular folded framed flag.  It was brought back by our son Josh and given to his father.  It flew is proud red stripes on the base where he served in Iraq his first tour.  We keep it in our home proudly representing the service our sons give to America.

Enjoy those fireworks, picnics, family and friends.  Enjoy your celebration of our country's Birthday!

We say Happy Independence Day to all of you, for without our soldiers who have given thier lives for us we would not have such a wonderful land to live.  Thank you to the soldiers from the 1776 era to now for giving and maintaining our freedom.  Nothing is more appreciated by the OCrowley Family!

Happy Birthday America!



Mrs O crafty blog said...

Happy 4th of July, the photo's are fantastic thank you for sharing Px

Rachel said...

Your home looks awesome!! Enjoy the fireworks tonight. Happy independence day!

Barbara Rankin said...

This is a wonderful post, Robin. Your 4th of July decorations are fabulous. Thank you to your sons and all those who serve in our military to keep us all safe and continue to be able to celebrate our independence.

Danie May said...

Thank you for sharing a little snippet of your life and love for your country with us, I love all your wonderful decorations. Happy 4th of July!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Beautiful home and decorations. Love the table settings! We have family members that have served all of the army, marines and navy, so I totally understand what the colors, red white and blue can do for a person. I get nostalgic and hear the song, "proud to be a American" in my head all the time.

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