Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Watermelon Mini Book

Hello Robin's Nest Friends!

Today I decided to share with you a watermelon mini book that I created. This book is made out of all Robin's Nest Products. The first picture is the cover of the book. To create the book, I used a dinner plate as my pattern and traced it on a 12x12 sheet of Robin's Nest cardstock. So each page is the circle cut in half. The cover below is my watermelon half.

I originally made this book for one of my grand daughters whos father had been in Afghanistan. The cover said "The SUMMER my dad came home safe. So the book included a journaling page for her to write her feelings of her dad, then a page with a big happy face, this is the page with the yellow center, and around the edge has I am so Happy. Then the rest of the book was filled with pictures of her, her sisters, and her dad, his soldier pics, and then when he came home pics of all of them together on their adventures after he was home. This book can be used for so many different uses, It is just a great summer book in general.

I used Glitter red sorbet cardstock, and green fleur linen cardstock. I cut the circle out traced from the dinner plate, and I used the same circle pattern on the green, then just cut out the inside edge of the circle to make the green rind. I then tore the inside edge of the rind to create the white edge. I could only get 3 rinds from one 12x12 sheet.
Then I added black tear drops around the edge of the rind on the glitter red sorbet creating my watermelon.
The finished cover above has the word Summer cut from our own green glitter chipboard. Then a "bite" at the top was created from a Spellbinders die, just used a third of the die, I then added die cut swirl with leaf in honeycomb fleur linen cardstock (sizzix die) and a bee sticker.

This is the journaling page I was talking about. It is created with our Ivy trim Cardstock, then I drew lines in with a ruler, I then added a Spellbinders shape cut between the two pages, cut from French Vanilla Fleur glitter linen cardstock. Then a few bee stickers. This is a great journaling page!

This page is made just like the cover of the book. Pictures can be added to the top of the watermelon, and journaling on the tag. The Robin's Nest has these wonderful journaling shapes with lines in them and the edge is glittered in different colors. The journaling shapes come 5 different shapes to a page, and there are 2 sheets of 10 different shapes in the package. This journaling tag is in green. There are 6 different colors in these journaling tags, I think anyways there are 6. I absolutely love these journaling tags. They just open the door for so many projects, and a very easy way to add journaling to your page or book. They are FABULOUS! You will see more of these in the other books I am creating this year. The background red print is Cindy Lou dot cardstock, the green edge is again the green fleur linen cardstock, I added a bee and black tear drops for seeds.

This page is the back of the Ivy Trim Cardstock, so it just flips up into this cute stripe. I added a bright yellow circle in yellow paper, 5 punched scalloped squares using a McGill punch, a green journaling tag and 2 bee stickers. In my grand daughters book, I just made a big happy face on the yellow circle, and then around the edge of the circle I wrote mulitple times, "I am so Happy".

This page is again made like the front cover, to keep the watermelon theme throughout the book. I added 3 squares for pictures, punched again from a McGill punch, I added a sun sticker, and bee sticker, the background paper is Christmas Presents border cardstock, and the top corner is Cindy Lou dot cardstock. Again I added the black tear drops for the watermelon seeds. I used Christmas paper on some of the page of this book because simply, a watermelon is red and green. It just worked out so cute.

Here is the finished book. I bound it with 2 silver rings, and tied to the rings are red ribbon.
This book is offered as a kit on our website- Watermelon Mini Book. You can make your own or you can simply just order the kit. It has more pages than I have shown here in the blog.

I have to say, I LOVE mini books. I love to create them in lots of different shapes. You will see more books as the year goes on. It is one of my passions with scrapbooking paper, and I can create fun memories about a trip, an activity, or just journal my feelings on these fun books. Have a happy summer for sure. Tell me what you think of my watermelon book! I love to read your comments!




Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank You Card


Hello Robin's Nest Friends,
We have such wonderful design team members!  This card is created by Claire D. from our last design team, she sent us this cute Thank You card.  I decided we should share it with you it is so cute and creative. 

Claire titled it - 10 Things I love about you @ TRN (The Robin's Nest)

These are her 10 things she loves.  FUN, SPARKLY, GLAMOUROUS, TAILORED,
She used a die cut machine to cut the beautiful heart/key square, and sewed around the 10 things she loves.  The TRN is from our glitter letter stickers.  She added 4 red tear drops.

Thank you Claire, we love you too! 

We love surprizes like this, it makes our day!



Sunday, July 29, 2012

Classified: Together with Flourishes and Daisies

I have been reorganizing my scrap studio and in the process, was strumming through my Robins Nest products. I was taking in all the glitter and came across a few other papers that I needed to try out so the reorganizing went on hold for a few hours.

Hello everyone, Erika Taylor here today with a layout to share with you. For this layout, I used a combination of Classified, Daisy Stripe Teal and Glitter Silver on Cream Swirl papers. I wasn't sure at first how I was going to incorporate these three, but then my brain started racing and out came the Dylusions Ink Sprays. Matches from heaven above. Let's take a look

First I spritzed the Classified paper with a combination of teal, London blue and lemon zest Dylusions sprays. Once dry, I cut out 5 circles and created this amazing flower. A few mini Dew Drops from the Handsome Boy grouping to finish off the center of the flower all adhered to the button with Helmar Gemstone Glue.

I also cut out a bunch of butterflies from this misted paper as well. I added a few Silver Dew Drops to the layout as well

It is no secret that I Love The Robins Nest rub-ons. They are so beautiful and easy to work with. I added a wonderful quote from the Time Rub-on Sheet. Perfect for this layout of my husband and I.

Here is the finished layout with all of these wonderful The Robins Nest products. The papers are perfect for distressing and the glitter on the card stock is so beautiful!!!

That is it for me today. Thank you so much for stopping by the Chattering Robins blog and leaving your comments. I would love to hear what your favorite The Robins Nest product is!!!

Until next time
Erika Taylor

Friday, July 27, 2012

Moments to treasure

Hello, Today I want to share this layout that I made with the gorgeous Robin's Nest products. On the photo is our dog Mister Wilson. I used the design papers; Glitter Daisy Honeycomb and the Classic Glitter Swirl..the yellow cardstock background is also from Robin's Nest =)just like the yellow stripe paper.. Decoration is done with flowers, butterflies and ofcourse dew drops! Hope you like my layout! Hugssssssss Marley

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Festive Friday #14 - "Joy"

 Thank you for coming by for another Festive Friday blog hop! This week I focused on a Romantic Holiday card. 
The card background is Red Glitter chipboard.  Next I cut to shape and border punched the back side of Palm Tree border.  - and distressed the edges with sand paper.
I secured a piece of vintage trim to the card and adhered it to the chipboard. Then I made up some felt roses, adhered them in place and enhanced them with silver glitter glue.
I used a red ink applicator to evenly color this embossed Damask black and white paper. Then I cut them out and double layered the whole on with foam tape.  I wanted to create a ornament/ chandelier feel. The Silver Bells Dew Drops really completed the look I was going for!

I wrote "Joy" with a silver metallic permanent marker and went over that with silver glitter glue.
Thanks for coming by!  I hope I've helped inspire you for the Holidays even though it's only July. :)
Please visit the rest of the ladies on the hop by clicking the links below. Then if you have time, Check out our current Page Map Challenge here. The Robins Nest is giving away one $25 GC to their on line store!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pioneer Trek in Wyoming

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was the 24th of July, Pioneer Day in Utah.  It is a state holiday, and celebrates when the pioneers came across the plains and settled in Salt Lake City.  Very memorable for us as we just went on a pioneer trek this weekend.  It was eye opening, and a great lesson in the history of the Utah pioneers.  Much sacrifice was made to get to Salt Lake City, which back then was just a new settlement.

Dana and I went on the trek as assistant cooks.  We left later in the morning each day after dishes were done, and left the trek early in the afternoon to cook for the group so when they arrived back to camp the food was already done for them. 

We went on the trek with 45 other people, 25 were youth ages 14 -18.  It was to help the youth understand the trials that took place in the pioneers lives, and reinact for 2 days how they lived.  We dressed in pioneer clothes, and pulled hand carts like the one below.  Each young person was assigned to a family, and stayed as a family group.
Our grand daughter Chelsea came with us.  Rachel is her mom.  Chelsea is in the yellow dress and orange bandana on her head.  This is her family that she was assigned to.  She is wearing a dress that my mother made for her self many, many years ago.  I wore it at one time too for something, can't remember what, but Chelsea fit in it perfect.  My mom will be so excited to see her dress on Chelsea.

This is our group getting ready to go on the 6 mile hike we had on the first day with the handcarts.  Each hand cart is equiped with a water cooler and a ice chest for our lunches.  The kids were really good about drinking enough water, we didn't have any problem with them fainting for dehydration.  Great group of kids.

Here is Chelsea and me together in our pioneer clothes.  Chelsea's family was the orange family, thus she has an orange bandana.

This is the Sweetwater river in Wyoming.  This is the area where the trek took place, you can see at the bottom of this hill I am taking this picture from is another group of handcarts and people.  They were the group before us on this pioneer trail.

Here is Chelsea and her family again.

Here is Chelsea and Tasha pulling the hand cart out of the Sweetwater River they had just crossed.  She actually went back across the water and let one of the young men carry her across.  History has it that 4 young men carried the people across the Sweetwater in October, the river was icy and full of ice blocks.  Grandpa Dana is on the left with the hat on.

Here is Chelsea and Grandpa at the Sweetwater river.  Isn't she just cute!

Here we are Me, Chelsea, and Dana out at the site right before Rocky Ridge.  A very, very rocky ridge the pioneers crossed.  This was another 6 mile hike on saturday.  See how dry this area is.  Amazing the trek, the lack of most anything, and going with a hand cart as small as the ones we pulled.  They were alotted 17 pounds of personal items per person, including a blanket.  Each cart was equipted with the necessities to cook on the trail.  The food was in wagons coming with the hand cart company, and they were alotted so much per day.

It was such a fun trip to go on, to hear the stories, and the sacrifices made by these pioneers.  We salute them, and honor them on Utah's Pioneer Day.  I have to say, I would not have been a very good pioneer.  They did sacrifice alot, and it was an especially hard hike through Wyomings terrain.  Glad for the experience, Glad for these people who came to settle Utah.

Loved sharing this trip with you.



My kind of scrapbooking

Honestly, I'm not so big on photographing people and places...trips and events. I prefer just enjoying the moment without an appliance held in front of my face. haha.  But, here is a very fun and interact photo layout that was tons of fun to create!

The finished product closes up neatly into a box.

For the main box, use a 12 inch paper...here I used CS Mouse. Score at 4" and 8" on each side in order to create a "tic tac toe" grid.  Then, cut the fold on the right, just to the first intersection as shown above.  Then rotate the paper 4 times and cut each right side.

Decorate the inside as you wish.  My parents started a yearly 4th of July Hatch Batch Parade when I was young.  We have all carried on the tradition. Although my sister Jocelyn has made it into a neighborhood affair...with probably 100 participants! 
I used Glitter Fireworks paper along with Glitter Fireworks diecuts, Liberty dew drops, USA Stickers, and glitter star clothes pins.  All are perfect for those summer holidays and traditions!

(Oops, I see that one of my dew drops  fell off....Dew Glue to the rescue!!) 

Here I used Gold Glitter Journaling.  I sliced it down the center in order for the box to close up properly.

After creasing all the folds, your box will be formed as you curl up the sides.  (Thank you goes to DS for demonstrating, while I snapped a picture.)

The lid starts off as a 6 x 6 inch square.  Score each side at 7/8", cut on the right as you did to the bottom layer.  Then, crease and fold, tape.  Decorate as you wish. I used more Liberty dew drops for the edge.

I have also decorated the inside of the lid.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Altered Clock

Welcome to my project using 
The Robin's Nest products

3D Crystal Lacquer by Sakura Hobby Craft

I made an altered clock!

I really loved making this project and will be giving it away as a gift!
I will let you know how I made it and then list my supplies.

1. I began with a regular plastic clock. You can get them at Walmart or Target for about $5 at the most.

2. I took the top (plastic) off the clock and then traced the smallest part of the lid onto the back of the paper I was using. I did have to trim off more after that and had to do some measurements to figure out where the holes should be. I used my cutter in order to get a straight line to where the hole goes.

3. After adhering down the paper with my ATG gun, I decided to put stickers on there that said royalty and one that looked like a stamp. Then took the 3D Lacquer by Sakura and went over the crowns.

4. Next it was time to find some bottle caps, squish them down with my big shot and put the fleur de lis stickers on them.

5.Then it was time to put the 3D Lacquer on them so they would be shiny and I did this on 4 once I realized I needed 4 of them for the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock times.

6. To finalize it I put the time on 12 and made it go around to 1, 2.....so on. and as doing this I adhered dew drops on those times and then when the bottle caps were dry I put them on and the clock was complete.

Bottle Caps

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed my project!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thinking Christmas in July and all that Glitters

Hi everyone, it's Danie here again.  I was thinking Christmas for my post today, given this month there have been so many online card challenges with a Christmas in July Theme.  So I thought I would share a couple of cards with you using the fabulous Classic Glittered Swirl Papers from The Robin's Nest. Because after all what is Christmas without a little Glitter?

And speaking of challenges, have you entered the current Page Map Challenge?  All the details for the challenge can be found here for your chance to win $25 to spend at The Robin's Nest Store.  This would be a perfect way to kick start your Christmas card making.

For my cards  today I am using Glitter Gold on Creme Swirl, Glitter Silver on Creme Swirl and the Red Glitter Swirl Cardstock and I am teaming these up with the Black and Chilli Cardstock from the New Hot Flame Line.  

Firstly  a quick and simple card using the glittered papers as a feature.   I have used them to mat my stamped sentiment and I have punched out different size circles in the different colors to use as christmas ornaments on my card.  The sentiment and ornaments are popped up so that your cord/ribbon can sit underneath both.

Taking the idea of punched ornaments to the next level, for this next card I have used an actual ornament punch and have stamped a tree branch to hang my ornaments from.  Adding a touch of extra color to my stamped image with my markers and some sponging.  I have also used a piece of  the glitter card stock as the background of this card and double matted my image which helps define it more.

My chosen colors of these glitter papers and cardstock, make great backgrounds for black and white vintage images such as this one.  A coordinating ribbon and a bit of bling (Silver dewdrops of course) finish this quickly and nicely.

For my last card I have layered two different glittered papers for the background and added a touch of color to my black and white image by inking the edges and coloring in the tree and adding some glitter to the ornaments on the tree.  For a finishing touch I have made a flower from some punched pieces of the glittered papers and used a dew drop as the flower center.

So there you have it! Four Cards showing three ways to incorporate a little glitter into your Christmas Card Making by using it as a Feature, a Background or a Embellishment! 

Other Robin's Nest Items used on the above cards:
Silver Dew Drops from the Mocha Trail Collection

Other Items used for the above cards:
Aged Mahogany Distress Ink, 
Tuxedo Black Memento Ink
Marina Mist Ink from Stampin' Up!
Stampin' Write Markers by Stampin' Up!
Many Merry Messages Stamp Set by Stampin' Up
Christmas Bough Stamps by Unity
Christmas Ornament Punch by Stampin' Up!
13/4 Inch and 1 Inch Circle Punches
Old Fashioned Christmas 2 Collage Sheet by Designs Galore
Various Ribbon's from my stash
Double Sided Tape
Mounting Foam Tape
Viva Decor Gold Glitter Liner Pen

Have a great week!

Danie xx

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Looking for challenge

Have been playing around with some products from The Robin's Nest Design Team kit. I though this month's page map challenge looked like a bit of a challenge.
So.. here's the page map for this month created by The Robin's Nest's own Michelle Frae Cummings

Here's my take on the sketch. Found it a bit of a challenge myself as I don't normally use more than two photos on a layout. However.. as I am always up for a challenge it was lots of fun to create this layout.

I used some of The Robin's Nest papers and dew drops to create my flowers. The dew drops I think look really good as the centre of the flowers and add great dimension quite easily.

With a little bit of help from a cardboard texture paste, paint and glimmer mist the background was created quite quickly and game a great dimensional effect.

So why not pull out some papers and have a play with this months challenge.

Get scrapping.

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