Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Love, Love, Love Scrapbooking!

Hello again Robin's Nest Fans!

I still have Cabo in my heart.  My daughter in law, Robyn made the comment that when she scrapbooked her photos she was able to relive her memories again.  I thought about this, and she is exactly right.  We go on vacation, and love every minute of it, and we want to live it all over again.  We pull out our photos, scrapbook our memories and in our mind everything we did comes again to life.

Isn't that why we scrapbook really?  We love the things our kids do, the funny things they say, the silly things they do.  We want to remember mom when she opened that special present we gave her for mother's day, because we took such care in picking it out.  We want to relive the day we caught our first fish, discovered a new talent, or saw the beauty of the earth. 

Isn't scrapbooking the most wonderful hobby!  We relive our life, we journal our feelings, be write our history and the history of our family.  Love, Love Love it.

I just want you to enjoy life, and relive life as often as possible. 

Have a wonderful week!



Products used in this layout
Belgian Chocolate Glitter Cardstock
Tropical Voyage paper
Blue Rasberry Glitter Cardstock
Palm tree Rub on
Brown glitter dot
Cathedral paper
Ocean Dew Drops  6mm and mini
Sea Shells
Chili cardstock


Becky Conley said...

adorable! love the colors, layering and bling :o)

Rachel said...

Very cute!

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