Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012

Hello friends!


Homemade cards are the best, and making them is even better, but... receiving a homemade card brings such joy to my heart!

I receive a card in the mail, and my heart beats fast as I open the envelope, careful to not damage the card inside.  I pull the card from the envelope, and when I see it is homemade I have this Ahhhh feeling, and I think of the care and time of the person who has made it for me.  I want to save it forever!  It is the best, and I so appreciate the time that has been put into making the beautiful card I am holding in my hand.

This card that is just below was sent to me as a thank you from a designer from the Spellbinders team.  It just so caught me off gaurd!  I love it, and have saved it keeping it close.  Not many come that are so cute!

Cards like this card mean so much to me, and I love to save them, and use them for patterns to make cards for others that I want to send something special to.

I also like to take small pieces of paper left from my scrapbooking pages and make cute cards to share.  I keep a small drawer full of such cards, usually when I am needing to send a card, I am in a hurry and cannot put together a card fast that is cute.  Thus the file of finished cards for my special friends.  These two cards are from my drawer, and are very simple cards, but with an elegant flair. 

They represent me and the simple way I scrapbook and make cards.  Recently, I made 40 cards as gifts for the Scrapbook Tour in Southern California.  I cannot wait for the stores to put them on display with the gift that we have donated to the 40 stores in the area for you the consumer!  You will love the different collections of our paper with the matching card you can win as a prize at these stores.  Look for them as you tour the different stores, and put your name in to win the cut card packet of papers to make cards with.  

We love to share, show our love, and give of ourselves.  It is the best when it come in the form of our talents through beautiful cards!  It is a gift from the giver to the recipient.  It is so appreciated!

I want you to share your cards you have made with Robin's Nest paper on our facebook page!  We are excited to see your work!

Have a great June, share your ideas with us!



Robin's Nest Products used in the cards:

Glitter spring stripe cardstock
Gum Drops - dew drop bottle

Leaf Stripe Cardstock
Leaf design paper
Olive green with gold ribbon

Gold Glitter dot cardstock
Red Glitter Classic Swirl Cardstock
Brown on Brown glitter dot cardstock
Metallic Red Dew drops

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Rachel said...

Love your cards! And Spellbinders too!

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