Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hot for the new Flame Line

Hello Friends.

It is always so nice to share new things!

Today I have made a layout using the new Robin's Nest flame paper.

I've been thinking about all the fun ways you can use this line.  So other than the usual flame page, I decided to do something different.  I will put a photo of one of our grandsons on this, when they get a little older.

Ideas for flame pages:
Hot- Young man or young woman page
Motorcycle- from riding a Harley or just a vespa, to little cycles or skaters
Fireplace- use the border paper for the inside of a fireplace
Fire- there are many fires throughout the west right now, this is awesome paper to remember this by
Campfire- I can't wait to scrap some of our camping pics where we have sat by the fire
Hot Wheels- we also have stickers that have cars on them, do your children play with these cars?

Well, these are just a few ideas for the flame paper.  We'd love to see your ideas of this too. Share them with us on the comments below, or on our facebook page.

Happy Scrapbooking your flame pages! 



Products used on this page:
Chili Flame border


Rachel said...

Very HOT layout!!

Barbara Rankin said...

Love this new paper. Flames are used a lot in rock and roll type themes, so I think it would work great for that, too.

Jamie said...

I love this new paper! I can definitely come up with great ideas of what to use it for especially since I live with a motorcyclist! :)

Danie May said...

Looking forward to playing with these papers, I had my hubby's love for chilies and cooking in mind! :)

Robin said...

Thank you for your ideas! Can't wait to see your posts!

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