Thursday, June 14, 2012

Decorated Pencil Tins!

 With Fathers Day and end of the School year fast approaching, I thought it would be nice to dress up a few tin cans as quick and easy gifts! Materials needed are as follows:
 Empty, clean tin cans, labels removed.
Paper trimmer, scissors,measuring tape, double stick tape, regular clear tape, choice of border punches, black ink (optional), glitter glue and embellishments glue.
From The Robins Nest I used:
The back side of Awning Stripe, Calamity Jane Stripe, Autumn Fleur, Getaway Glitter , Red Dew drops, Jade Diamond Dews Drops.
 Measure around your can. Then cut measured strips from the papers. The border punched strip should be 1.5" and the coordinating strip, 1". Adhere the double stick tape to the whole length of each strip and just as you add it to your can, use the regular tape to hold it in place. Press firmly onto your can as you place the strip all around. I chose the back seam of the can to be my start and stop place.
Continue around the can until you get to the starting point where you'll need another piece of the regular tape to hold the tail end of the strip in place. If you find that your paper strip buckles out, cut it into 4 pieces and then adhere as shown on the larger can.
In between layering's, you can ink the border punched strips and then when all the strips are in place, add your dew drops and any other embellishments.
Don't forget to sign the bottom. Now your Fathers Day/ Teacher gift is ready to go! Maybe fill the Fathers Day can with movie tickets and popcorn or home made cookies. For the Teacher's can, how about lots of pencils or other school supplies?
Thanks for coming by, see you next week!
~ Michelle Frae Cummings


Rachel said...

Great ideas!! I need one for me, but my dad would like it too ;)

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

It's a oldie but goodie for crafts! :)

Creative M said...

Fabulous ideas!!

Barbara Rankin said...

Love your decorated tin cans now pencil cups. Great idea and useful, too.

Vicky F. AKA Crafting Vicky said...

That's definetively not the pencil can holder that I did in my youth to give to my dad! Wonderful project.

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