Friday, June 29, 2012

Thanks, Teacher gift

Hello, my dear Robin's Nest friends! Irit is here again and this time I made a cute gift for a teacher using all possible Robin's Nest products. I wanted  to post it a month ago, but it was picked for web publishing in SNR web magazine May  issue and I can post it only now.
I used Classified cardstock  over a simple black one to simulate a blackboard.
The I added 3 red Glitter die cut apples and using white alphabet  glued ABC over the first one.
The Classified ABC ribbon was glued over the piece and the I added this cutest ever Chalkboard with stamped word Thanks  (white heat embossed stamp from The Rubber Cafe)

I added some random white letters over the paper and then a word Love from Red glitter alpha set.
For the final RN  touch 3 Apple clips were hanged over a natural twine.

All piece was glued over the kitchen wooden piece and I added a real and very small colored pencils.
I love those  school products we have in RN shop a lot! I think I may even make another Teacher project soon.
See you again in 2 weeks

Thursday, June 28, 2012

School Years Shadow Box

 As soon as I saw this McGuffey 6 compartment shadow box  I knew it would be perfect for making a School years shadow box for Dyllan!  This is the box. It measures 10" X 12" and the inside squares measure just about 3 1/2" X 4 1/2".
What is supremley fabulous about this box is that unlike others out there, you are able to unscrew the back off! 
This makes crafting with it 100% easier. I painted the frame of the box a pretty bright green, these are Dyllan's School colors.
I also painted the inside back green as well.
 Once the paint was dry, I added little accordian mini books for each year. I put each school year photo on the front.
 I attached simple curling ribbon from the back of the mini book and then glued the whole thing down in place with tacky glue.
 Each section is ready for all his years at his elementary school!
The following products from The Robins nest were used:
Apple Die Cuts - for inside some of the mini books.
Glitter Pine Trees, but I used the back side which is "Just for Boys stripe",
Fleur Blue, Silver Bells dew drops and Fiesta mix diamond drops.

Thanks for coming by, I hope you will go visit The McGuffey web site for more fun!
-Michelle Frae Cummings

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When I Grow Up...

By Amanda Marks

It is hard to believe my design team commitment has comes to an end, I have had so much fun creating projects for Robin's Nest.  I want to thank everyone at Robin's Nest and Terri Sproul for this amazing opportunity.  

For my last post I wanted to make my daughter a keepsake using a shadow box from McGuffey Woodworking.  Last November we met my daughter's favorite author, Alyssia Satin Capucilli.  She is the author of Biscuit, Katy Duck and many, many other books.  My daughter wants to be an author and illustrator when she grows up.  

4 mini canvas (2"x2")
Derwent Inktense Pencils
Metallic Cooper Folk Art Paint
Mod Podge®
Beacon 3-in-1

To create the image on the canvas I put all four together and drew the picture on them with my Inktense Pencils.  

When I Grow Up... 

My daughter with Alyssia Satin Capucilli (her favorite author)

The butterfly I drew with my Inktense Pencils.  My daughter has a fondness for butterflies and wants to be an illustrator so I thought this would be a nice way to display her dreams.

Hot for the new Flame Line

Hello Friends.

It is always so nice to share new things!

Today I have made a layout using the new Robin's Nest flame paper.

I've been thinking about all the fun ways you can use this line.  So other than the usual flame page, I decided to do something different.  I will put a photo of one of our grandsons on this, when they get a little older.

Ideas for flame pages:
Hot- Young man or young woman page
Motorcycle- from riding a Harley or just a vespa, to little cycles or skaters
Fireplace- use the border paper for the inside of a fireplace
Fire- there are many fires throughout the west right now, this is awesome paper to remember this by
Campfire- I can't wait to scrap some of our camping pics where we have sat by the fire
Hot Wheels- we also have stickers that have cars on them, do your children play with these cars?

Well, these are just a few ideas for the flame paper.  We'd love to see your ideas of this too. Share them with us on the comments below, or on our facebook page.

Happy Scrapbooking your flame pages! 



Products used on this page:
Chili Flame border

Monday, June 25, 2012

All Good Things Must Come To An End

As those who bid a final farewell to set sail 100 years ago this month for the maiden voyage of the Titanic, I will be saying farewell to The Robin's Nest.  This comes with mixed emotions as I have loved being a part of the team and the company, but am also looking forward to working towards a goal I have set for myself next year. 

Last year, my family had the pleasure of being able to see one of the fabulous travelling exhibits from the Titanic.  It was fascinating to see some of the items that have been salvaged, but eerie to think that some of the items belonged to people who were lost that tragic day.  Due to the condition of those items and in trying to preserve them there was no photography allowed in the exhibit.  I was, however, able to take pictures of some of the advertisements for it that were put up around the museum so I took these photos to remember our day by.  One is of a mural that was painted on the wall and the other is the stairs that led up to the entrance of the exhibit that had been decorated like you were boarding the ship. 

This month The Robin's Nest Design Team partnered with McGuffey Woodworking in using this great 6 opening wood tray and I had the idea to make a shadow box from the momentos we had from the exhibit. 

After painting the entire tray, I used a sheet of the Seashore paper from The Robin's Nest cut into 6 pieces which measured the size of each tray section and added the smaller photos inside.  I glued a small piece of the Brown Fish Net to the top of one section after cutting it to give it a tattered look.  I used the Water Logged Rub On to add the waves, the seashell on the left photo and the compass.  Then, I glued the dew drops on the center of the compass, on the shelves where the sections meet and to the corners of the boarding pass (which was my ticket into the museum that I made a smaller copy of for my project) on the right side using the Winter Retreat Dew Drops which matched the colors of my shadow box.  I glued some small shells that I had purchased from the museum gift shop as another momento of the day. 

Thank you to The Robin's Nest for the time I have had here and thank you to all of the followers who have left comments.  They have always been greatly appreciated.  If you would like to  continue to see my work and what I'm up to next please be sure to stop by my blog and join me on my next adventure! 


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fun 6 Panel Tray

This is a post with mixed emotions, this is my last post with the Robin's Nest.  Due to other obligations I could not apply for another term, but I will continue to use the fun papers and embellishments.

For my last project I did the cross promotion with McGuffey Woodworking, Want 2 Scrap & of course...The Robin's Nest!  So let's get started!
I started with this 6 panel tray from McGuffey Woodworking.  These are well made trays that are solid wood.  What is unique...
The backs come off for easy application of paint, paper and any other items you want in the windows!

I then picked out the papers I wanted to use from the Flourish line of papers in different colors. I then cut them to size..I love that the edges are going to be covered by the wood of the tray!
I just did a sort of rough lay out of colors so I could pick my paint colors for each panel.
I picked the great pigment paint from USArtQuest!  I painted all the outside edges to match the papers in each section and set it aside to dry and then glued in all the papers to the base of the tray.
I had to check and see how everything was going to look together.
I love the look so now the fun starts.  I will add rub ons from The Robin's Nest & lots of bling from Want 2 Scrap!

Want 2 Scrap bling and GREAT rub on and a Dew Drop!
After it was all said and done and the box put back together this is what I had!
Want 2 Scrap chip board covered in Art Glitter! Crystal angel hanging from Connie Crystal and other bling from Want 2 Scrap. Extra touches with Dew Drops!
GREAT Rub-ons and fun bling!

I love the Art Glitter on chip board!  Want 2 Scrap has GREAT embellishments!

More Rub-on fun and Dew Drops and of course....BLING!

I loved to accent the paper with Dew Drops and of course Art Glitter and bling!

Put it all together and this is my finished tray! 

I am so thrilled I have had the opportunity to design for The Robin's Nest!  I look forward to using these products for other projects.  What a sweet and wonderful company to work with!  Thanks to you

Happy Creating..

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our New Design Team

The Robin Nest Design Team!  This group of Amazing blogger will start post project here on this blog and their personal blog using Robin Nest Products in July...  We are so excited to see what they create for you.  New post on Blog every day.  so please stop by  (each of their names is a link to their blogs)
FIRST FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH (you might win $25 to the on-line store)

Team Leader and Educational Director

Terri Sproul is the producer of a DVD called "MasquePen Magic" to see more of her video check out her Youtube Channel at and a Monday Night Live stream.
She is a diverse and experienced designer, design team leader  and instructor for multiple companies in the paper craft world including “ Robin Nest” “Creative Paperclay®”, “Sakura Hobby Craft” and Hobby Baby!” to name a few.  Terri and her husband Marc have the pleasure of living in San Diego County On top Of Palomar Mountain. She has received a Bachelor of Scrapbooking Arts from Creating Keepsakes and Bachelor of Scrapbooking Education from EK Success. Terri’s passion is teaching fellow Scrapbooker’s and Stamper’s new techniques and to think ‘out of the box’ and ‘off the Page.’  Visit her website and blog to see all the exciting stuff she does at – link to blog is also there. 

Michelle Frae Cummings is a mixed- media artist, instructor and
Freelance writer.

She lives with her husband, Brian and son Dyllan in sunny Southern California.

Michelle has painted sets for local play houses, created costumes,
designed store front windows, taught at local scrapbook stores, public
groups, and sells her art locally and online. Michelle is an organizer
of a local scrapbook/altered-art group, West Coast Crafters, which
meets at her home monthly. She is also the owner of a popular blog,
"Faerie Dust Dreams" where she regularly writes for various craft
companies and strives to inspire others. Michelle's mind is in
constant creative motion. Her specialty is working with wire, beads,
sewing and painting in Color. It’s how she expresses her dreams and
inspirations.  Creating with her fingers is as therapeutic as it is
energizing at the same time.  To learn more about Michelle, please
visit her blog - 

Danielle May:  I live with my husband, and three furbabies on acreage just outside of Casino part of the beautiful Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Australia. Since 2009 I have been a stay at home wife and more recently I have become a part-time carer to my aging parents (my mother has Alzheimer's) and they now live with us.

When I discovered the world of papercrafts about 10 years ago I immediately knew it was a hobby for me. There isn't a day that goes by that I do not spend time in my craft room. I am card making ATC's, passionate about Stamping (a huge fan of Red Rubber) and I dabble in scrapbooking.

The most wonderful thing I have found about sharing my passion for papercrafts and blogging is the wonderful people you meet along the way.

Hi! My name is Brooke Gorrell and I live in Central Canada. 
I love all kinds of crafts but am most passionate about scrapbooking, cardmaking, and giftwrapping! I love that scrapbooking allows me to express my creativity and preserve my memories. Creativity for me is a hobby, a great stress-reliever, but most of all it is a lifestyle! I love to capture everyday moments, the ones that are easily forgotten,  on my layouts and inspire others to stretch their creativity through scrapbooking. There's no better feeling than receiving something handmade and knowing that someone took time to create that JUST for YOU!
I have been scrapbooking for 6 years, ever since a friend gave me some sparkly stickers and paper for my 12th birthday. My scrapbooking has evolved quite a bit since then and I would describe my current scrapbooking style as Shabby Chic with a lot of clean, white space. I love trying new techniques and my favourite scrapbooking item is definitely patterned paper!  Two techniques that you'll almost always find on my projects are machine stitching and glitter. LOVE glitter! 
I have previously been a guest designer for Love is in the Details scrapbooking store, and last year won 2nd place in the Creating Keepsakes Teen Talent search. 
I am so glad for this opportunity and I hope I can inspire you in some way! Looking forward to getting to know you all. :)

Jamie had her first scrapbook in elementary school even though it didn't have any designs to it, just important papers adhered to paper in a book titled "scrapbook." Real scrapbooking began about 13 years ago and has since evolved and progressed and is a continually growing and evolving experience for her. She began cardmaking about a year ago and loves trying to delve into altered items as well. She is a mother of two boys, 18 and 11, and been married for 13 years now. She loves crafts as well as reading in her free time. During the school year she is a substitute teacher who colors with her copic markers in her free time at work. She feels so lucky to have been selected for this wonderful design team. 
 I am a mother to three girls and one boy. I live in the southern suburbs of South Australia in a house we build to fill with lots of love and happy memories .I have been scrapbooking now for just over 9 years and I don't think that I would know what life was without it scrapbooking. My scrapbooking love includes layouts to off the page and cards as well. I wouldn't say That I have "one" specific style as I do enjoy trying different styles and tailoring the layout to suit the subject or photo whilst adding different texture or techniques to my work.In my free time I teach scrapbooking. I love to teach and share my ideas to hopefully inspire others along their paper crafting journey. I have been on several design teams and have enjoyed showing others what can be done with products. I have been the Fiskars Ambassador for South Australia for over 5 years now and host regular crops here in South Australia for Fiskars. I have done many instore demonstrations and classes for Fiskars and LSS.  My work has also been chosen to be showcased nationally at Spotlight and Officeworks stores on behalf of Fynmark and Fiskars. I have worked on behalf of Fiskars at the Craft and Quilt Fair here in Adelaide. I have also taught at several shops here in Adelaide over the past few yearsI am a regular layout contributor to Southern Cross Kids Camp, Victorian Fire Appeal and Bonnie Babes Foundation. I have been asked to work on behalf of Fiskars at the Craft and Quilt Fair that is being held here in Adelaide, South Australia in November. I am a regular contributor to the Open Arts - Scrapbooking Area of the Royal Adelaide Show. I have been lucky to have won several places in the past years including being awarded Best in Show two years in a row. 
 I am a wife of 22 years and a mother of two boys (8) and (15) and a teacup yorkie (1 year). I am a paralegal by day and an obsessive scrapbooker every other minute (and lets just be honest . . . sometimes I find ways to sneak scrapbook projects into my paralegal job). Fortunately, I have an awesome boss who puts up with me and even seems to like me. I live in Aliso Viejo (So. Orange County, in Southern California) and love it here. This is my first experience as a design team member and I am so excited to be a part of this creative group! My style tends to lean towards inky, grungy, vintage . . . but then add glitter. I can’t wait to dive-in and create my first Robin’s Nest project.

Where most people have a dining room, my house hosts an art room.  Aside from the kitchen, it is the most used common area of our home and open to anyone: kids, friends and adults alike.  I'm a stay at home mom who juggles coaching, volunteering (here/there/and everywhere), and taking care of home-family-community along with ink, paper, scissors, and rhinestones.  Mind you, I'm very careful when I juggle scissors!  I've been told  that "whimsy" or "silly" must be my middle name. (Boy, I thought everyone already knew it was Mercedes!?)  But, who wants to grow up dull and boring? While I enjoy flitttering here and there among various crafting companies, I am glad to have landed in the Robin's Nest and look forward to new adventures with this team!  Try to keep up with me on my blog:  "Sunnyside Up."

I'm Marilia, mother of Gabriel and Marina, married to Peter.
I am an extremely passionate about life and people, adorooo life stories.
I'm electric, anxious in the extreme and I talk too much!
  I live in a town called Paraisópolis, located in southern Minas Gerais, where the fresh airand nature are present in my daily life
I am a woman who likes simple things!
I love dogs, full house and be around people that make me happy.
I've always done crafts from menina.Sei ... do a bit of everything!
I found the comment to three years and it was love at first sight!
The wealth of materials associated with our memories and our stories have made thecomment my favorite hobby.
Ja made ​​mini albums, I'm crazy about recycling! The idea of transforming what was going to waste on something different and beautiful ... fascinates me.
I have seen my LOs evolve and still have a long way to go, but I think the magic is right there.
I live a different life, I live in a town with my son and my husband and my daughter in another.
Every week there are people who stay and people go!
The comment is a way to relax that became a passion.
I only brought good things ... wonderful friends! "
My name is Barbara Rankin, and I am so excited to be a part of the Robin's Nest Design Team. I have been a crafter since early childhood... always making things. After pursing many different artistic endeavors, such as sewing, needlework, and Pergamano (embossing on parchment), I found my way into rubber stamping and graduated into becoming a self-taught, mixed-media artist.  I have taught classes at my local scrapbook store, as well as teaching the members of my local stamp club.  I have also been a guest instructor at another out-of-state stamp club on several occasions.  I love making and altering books, and my style is usually vintage with a sprinkling of steampunk whenever possible.  I have been published in Altered Arts Magazine, as well as in a book "Make it in Minutes: Mini Books". I have a wonderful, supportive husband of thirty years and, if I do say so myself, two of the cutest little Yorkie pups you could ever lay your eyes on.
 Im Marley van der Heijden, 23 years old and I live in the (cold and rainy)
I started to make scrapcards in 2009, about one year ago I also started to
make layouts.
I love scrapping photos, especially photos from our sweet dog Mister wilson,
vintage photos & well, just every picture I have!
I also love to make mini albums, altered projects & cards.
Next to scrapping I also love to read, watch some good movies & series and
ofcourse; Shopping!
Im excited to design for Robin's Nest & I hope I can give you lots of
inspiration with the Robin's Nest products. 
Cutting rings of paper to create garland, making ghost gum from glue, and adding a little too much glitter to any heart I drew. The creative bug bit me at a very early age and I've never looked back. Hi everyone, I'm Erika Taylor and I'm a craftaholic!!! In 2008, I decided to start paper crafting and one thing led to another. I’m blessed to have been on numerous design teams over the past few years and I'm expanding my own creative muse to include so much more than just cards and scrapbook layouts. I love getting inked up to create mixed media projects and if I can alter something, I will.
 I live in Southern Alberta with my loving and supportive husband Mark and our 2 boisterous children age 5 and 7. Anything to do with Vampires and the Fantasy Realm gets my attention, and yes that includes Twilight! I love Italian Sweet Cream in my coffee and there is nothing better than Tiramisu. I'm moved by the colors around me, emotions and the media. Creatively, I embrace change and love to try new things and I'm super excited about being a part of this amazing adventure. Grab your favorite beverage and stop by my blog for a visit

Friday, June 22, 2012

All Good Things Tips

As I post my last project for the design team at The Robin's Nest, I thought it might be fun to share a few of my a favorite tips for getting the best results while paper crafting.
First, use beautiful products and paper.  I love the beautiful paper at The Robin's Nest!  Their elegant papers are perfect for Wedding season!
Second, don't forget the details.  Try fussy cutting pretty paper, making your own embellishments, inking the edges with distress inks, sewing on your projects, and doodling with glitter gel pens.  Here I fussy cut the Silver Paisley on Black Glitter paper to make the leaves and stems.  I also used a gel pen on my label to highlight the printed sentiment and the label border.  This was made with my Cricut Imagine, Martha Stewart Elegant Cakes and Elegant Edges and the Cricut Craft Room software.
Tie it together with repetition.  Most design theory recommends odd numbers, hence three flowers.  For this project, I used the circular swirl motif from the Cricut Paper Lace Cartridge to repeat the shapes and forms I found in The Robin's Nest Silver Paisley on Black paper.  I added the Bold Damask Decor stamp to my label to add that same shape and used the dew drops on my sentiment, my circular motif and the floral spray.  Silver was repeated in two papers and the dew drops.

And finally, add dimension:  To get dimension on this wedding card, I used the Black Glitter Rose paper to create a rolled rose.  If you use this technique you will find that the largest petals are in the center of the flower, so begin rolling your flower from the outside, and roll towards the inside.  Before gluing, gently roll the edges of the petals with the silver tipping back to highlight this detail.   I also added some of The Robin's Nest Dew Drops from the Black/White/Metallic Mix.  Dimension can be flatter than these rolled roses to fit in a scrap book, just achieve dimension on pages, with layered flat paper, inking your edges, and some pop dots, or low profile embellishments if you wish.
I would like to thank The Robin's Nest for having me on their design team for two terms!  I have really enjoyed working with all of the talented designers and look forward to seeing your new products and designers!

The Robin's Nest Black Glitter Roses on Card stock
The Robin's Nest Silver Paisley on Black 
The Robin's Nest Black/White/Metallic Mix Dew Drops
The Robin's Nest America Words (Wine Colored Card stock on back side)
Silver Card Stock
Black Card Stock
White Card Stock
Inkadinkadoo Bold Damask Stamps
Cricut Imagine
Cricut Martha Stewart Elegant Cakes (Sentiment)
Cricut Elegant Edges Label Shape
Cricut Paper Lace
Sakura Gell Roll Pen
Hot Glue gun
My Favorite Things Die-Namics Rolled Rose Die (Wine colored roses)

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