Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I love to travel. Mmmm, imagine that. So one of the papers I requested when we came home last fall was a map. This is the map that Rachel found and liked. It is odd, as the words on the map are upside down from the shape of the continents. So I was having a hard time deciding which way did I want to use the map.
Well here it is. Rachel in the middle of all our luggage several years ago, while we were waiting for transport to our hotel. She looks exactly how we were all feeling. I also used the honeycomb fleur linen cardstock, the new travel sticker, the large clear dew drops and a few other things hanging around in my drawers.
It fits perfect. I cut out the shapes of the continents and popped them, so it really too 2 sheets of the world cardstock to complete this page.
I am using this map for other travel pages that fit into the last vacations we have had. This is just too fun, and all of us travel some where, it may not even be far. Around the block, but we travel, and there is always a time we feel like this.
So when we arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia two and a half years ago to live for 2 years, our luggage was out in no man's land for 5 days. We felt just like this, exhausted after 3 days of travel, we had an overnight stay in London, so it took longer than the normal 28 hours of travel to Africa. Then we had only the one extra set of clothes in our carry on for the next 5 days. Oh, we managed through the days, visiting the embassy to have our documents notorized, and visiting the local DMV, if you want to call it that, to get our drivers licence. I washed our clothes by hand every night and hung them on the line to dry. But, on the evening of the 5 night, all 4 bags arrived, and I was feeling warm all over. Needed all those things it took me a month to pack.
Well, enough of that, as the summer begins, we all have a trip or two to accomplish with our kids, or with our friends, or even just by ourselves. I hope you have a wonderful time planning and vacationing. Remember this fun paper, your gonna need it.



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Rachel said...

Awesome picture!!

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