Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Party Treat Tray

Anyone who follows my blog posts knows that I love three dimensional items. So does the crew at Create & Craft, so when Joe Rotella spotted this paper kit for a party treat tray at a dollar store, he got it for me to de-construct and turn into a paper project. 
Before I could de-construct it, I had to put it together. Not too hard since the original was already glued and scored. There are two pieces—the four-pocket tray and the handle/stand assembly. Next, I carefully unglued the pieces and scanned them. The original stood almost seven inches high and required two 12"x12" sheets of cardstock. 

I used Make-The-Cut to pixel trace the scanned images and resize them. I used my Zing electronic cutting machine to cut the pieces. I wanted mine to be smaller—more appropriate for an individual sized treat tray. With my resized version you can get two treat trays from one 12"x12" piece of cardstock—and Robin's Nest has so many great papers to select!! I chose Robin's Nest Glitter Mocha Daisy and Glitter Green Daisy and Swirls. Here you can see the handle/stand and treat tray pieces, scored and folded, ready for adhesive. 

This is the finished handle/stand.
 And [drum roll, drum roll] here is the finished party treat tray. Now all I need is a party!!
You can download a PDF, SVG, or Make-The-Cut file of this Party Treat Tray and see more of my projects on my Create & Craft blog.



Rachel said...

Super cool!! I am going to make one!!! It will match whatever party we have!

Joe Rotella said...

Love it!!

Robin said...

Who would have thought, Love it

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