Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Loves Me 8x8 Book

Daisy's are my favorite flower, did you know that?  Stated by Kathleen Kelly in You've Got Mail!

Well, I love daisy's too, my wedding flower was a daisy.  We made daisy's out of pipe cleaners and fabric, it was a project my high school best friend Debbie, my mom, and I made every night for weeks, until we had enough, then arranged them in yellow pots for the centerpiece of the tables.  Mmmm, sounds like the 70's doesn't it.  But just a few weeks ago, I saw the same idea on pintrest, only using paper.  Things just come around again don't they.

I created this fun book, which you can purchase on the web site.  It is a Loves Me book, celebrating the love I have for my husband Dana.  He has to love me, to stay married to me for all these years.  This year will mark 38 years, I am getting old!  This first picture is the front cover of the book.  I will bind it with my Bind it all.  To create my book, I used the Loves Me series of papers from The Robin's Nest.  Of course most of Robin's Nest papers are on cardstock, but I still call them papers.

On the cover, I used a extra sheet of the same Loves Me cs and cut out the large daisy, and the "L" and the top daisy on the page and popped them up with pop dots.  It created such a fun look.  I added rub on flowers and swirl, white tear drop daisys, the large dew drop colored with my yellow pen, rick rack, cream ribbon around the L, and lips.

Here is what I used for the book:
Loves Me cs
Mocha Trail cs
Mocha Daisy cs
French Vanilla Fleur cs
White tear drops
Large dew drops
Yellow mini dew drops
Girl Rub on
Daisy Die Cuts
Gold journaling tags

All products used are Robin's Nest.

For alot of the pages I cut out from the Loves Me paper the words loves me, and the extra daisys that weren't used in the 8x8 cut of the book. I also added extra daisys using the daisy die cut, and made more daisy's from the white tear drops.  It has created such a cute book!  I decided not to journal on it until after the scans, the feelings I have to write are just too personal to share with the world.

 I cut the shapes out of the French Vanilla Linen Cardstock on this page and just added a photo of us, the next page, not shown is just the French Vanilla with lines drawn across it to write my feelings again.
This page I made longer, but it matches up exact with the cover page, so that it is an extension of the cover page, only 3 pages later,  I added the rub on swirl, the daisys made of white dew drops, rick rack, and the die cut daisys.  It is such a fun and easy book.  The book has 12 pages all in white, creams, and browns.  I have only shared a few pages of this book, and hope you enjoy it.  Let me know!

Dana is the love of my life, and I often wonder who or what kind of person I would be without him.  He makes me such a better person.  This is such a great way to celebrate my life with him.

I hope there is someone special in your life that you can celebrate a great book with too, that you can capture your love with. 

Have a great week.



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