Thursday, May 17, 2012

Distressed Button, Dew drop "Orange", Faux Stitched Layout

Distressed button, dew drop "Orange", faux stitched layout. Quite a mouthful, right? But oh so fun to make! There were no scissors involved to make this layout. Simply my fingers (to tear), really sticky adhesive, a little foam tape, buttons, beads, a permanent black pen, rust colored ink, yellow glitter glue and the following from The Robins Nest line:
Kiwi Sorbet, Red Sorbet, Autumn Fleur, Honeycomb Fleur, Tropicana Fleur, Red Dew Drops, and Sun Yellow Dew Drops.  

I folded each sheet of paper in half and tore down the center. Starting with a 6"x12" piece, I tore the edges to reveal the white core. I continued with the rest of the paper, making each piece smaller and smaller. Then I rolled, twisted, and crumpled the edges. I inked these edges with the rust colored ink to achieve a vintage paper look. 
 Next I layered all the pieces with my super sticky adhesive,- the middle circle with foam tape. I used the yellow glitter glue to adhear the beads in place and the super sticky glue for the buttons and dew drops. A black pen was used to draw thread lines on the buttons and random stitchery onto the paper.
 I love the weather worn look I've achieved with so little tools and so little time. Quite a joy to make.
This would make a great addition to a album, the cover of a mini book, even nice to look at in a Shadow box!
I hope you like it and thanks for coming by to see it. Have a great weekend!
~Michelle Frae Cummings


Rachel said...

I love thus technique!!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...


Robin said...

Michelle, love all the layers, this is such a great idea! You have shown something quite new, very original for sure.

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