Sunday, April 8, 2012

Time Flies!

As I was sitting in my house today I was thinking about what I was going to do for my Robin's Nest post Monday the 9th. I looked up at the wall to check the time and saw the clock was dead. It is now correct 2 times a day!! So I thought to myself, "self, you need a new clock". I decided at some time this morning that I was going to make a clock for my project.

I headed to Michael's, hoping it was open, since I didn't know what time was. Lucky me, it was open! I bought some clock works and a 12 X 12 wooden base. This was perfect as it was on a frame-like structure. I brought it home (along with one or two other items, why is it always that way at a craft and hobby store?) I marked the 12 X 12 panel so a hole could be drilled for the clock works. Once that was done the clock works were inserted and I painted the edges, front & back.
I used the Perfect Pigment Paint from USArtQuest. I love this paint! It gives good coverage and the color is richly pigmented. They are small bottles but it does not take much! This is the back side of the piece that has been painted and the clock works added.

I now start with the papers I want to use! This is so much fun! Love this paper with news type print. So this is the rough lay out...
I decided that I didn't just want everything squared off so I marked my base paper at top and bottom center to align the points of the Black Herringbone.

I then cut some strips of Silver Paisley on Black to frame the main image. I just snipped off the ends and this kept me from using an entire sheet of the glitter card stock. Then snip off the extra on the ends.
Now the fun of the rub ons begin! I love all the clock faces and time and everything! And what fun to make a clock out of clocks!

And this is what it looks like with all the rub ons applied!
So you attach it all to the wood base and there you have it...a clock of clocks!
So glad that you all joined me today for this fun clock project! Of course the clock paper is also The Robin's Nest!

Happy Creating,


Rachel said...

That is an awesome clock!

Robin said...

What a great project. Thanks!

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