Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring can't decide what to do.

Hello Robin's Nest Friends,
Just a bit of spring and the feeling of wanting the weather to be warm, and just as it feels so good, it gets so cold! You think you will have time to get all the flower beds ready for spring and then, mmmm it gets cold, and the apricots are trying to blossom, and the air is just too cold for them to survive, so we'll see if there will be apricots this summer.
I think it is time to find a good book and cuddle up in a blanket and read. What do you think? Doesn't that sound relaxing?
I recovered this old book with Robin's Nest glitter paper. It is such a simple thing to do, and the book becomes not only a favorite, but it can be a beauty on the table as well. I embellished the book with glitter chipboard shapes, metal jewlery, and my personal favorite, the Fleur de lis.
Easter comes this Sunday, great egg hunts, coloring eggs, and most of all time with family. The little girls will come over this week and color eggs with me. Can't wait. We will be home for Easter and I am so excited. Home, Home, Home. What a great word. Home. Easter will be a nice relaxing day with family close, and spring around the corner.
Have a great warm/cold spring, and a great Easter Sunday. On the cold days relax, cuddle up in your favorite blanket and read, on the warm days work out in that garden, trees, flowers, veggies. And for sure enjoy time with family, it is the greatest. I love spring, I love crafting, and I love to read. I love my family.


Steve Finnell said...

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Rachel said...

Thanks Steve, what's your blog?

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