Friday, April 6, 2012

Mini Easter Baskets for Table Place Settings!

 For our Easter celebration this Sunday, we are having my Husbands family over for a early dinner. I am making BBQ pork sandwiches, cheesy scalloped potatoes, roasted carrots, and other yummy dishes. For dessert I plan to make a lemon cake and jello eggs. I thought it might be fun to make table place settings for everyone!

These are the Robin's Nest papers I used: Glitter Leaves, Little Girl Swirl, Sorbet Glitter, Olive Fleur, Plum Fleur, Discovery Girl Glitter, Glitter Pink Daisy, Glitter Purple DaisyGlitter Purple Flower, Glitter Pink Stripe, & Boy Polka Dot.

Begin by cutting your choice of patterned papers 6" x 6". Then score them 2" all the way around. Cut your square as shown on the template below. Bend all your squares at the score lines.

 Add some glue as I did here. Just about the same shape, this will make sense in the next step.
 Keep the middle flap inside and bring the two outer flaps together at a point. Hold in place for 10 seconds then add glue to the inside flap and hold in place until set. Repeat on other side.
 Use your smallest hole punch to make a hole, going as far as the punch will go at the point where the two flaps came together. Repeat on the other side. I used The Robins Nest Bunny Stripe Cardstock for the basket handles.I trimmed these according to the design plus 8".

With your punch, make a hole as far in as you can go on both ends. Attach handle from the inside with a brad.

Then decorate as you like. I used a picket fence border punch, gold glitter glue and snips of green garland to accent my Mini Easter Baskets.  Later I'll add a plastic egg filled with a Family style questions each person can read and answer while we enjoy our Easter day meal.
Thank you for coming by and seeing my creation, I hope you liked it! The craft really only takes less than 5 minutes to make each mini basket.  You can see a SteamPunk variation I did of this basket here.
- Michelle Frae Cummings


Rachel said...

Super cute!

Robin said...

So fun and easy!

Riet said...

So gorgeous.

Hugs Riet.xx

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