Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let's Play Chess

Hello all,
We spent the week with our kids in Salt Lake most of last week. Dana helped our daugher Jessiciah build a niche in her kitchen, a big niche to put her refridgerator in. Well, maybe Dana did the building work, she did a lot of clean-up work.
I spent time at Rachel's working on new kits for a boutique she is having in Layton on the 28th. It will be fun, and we talked and talked. Even on friday, spent the morning filling dew drop bottles with her. Now that is a big change for me, as I have always been the boss, not the helper. So over the years things have changed, and I can even fill bottles when needed. I sure love The Robin's Nest. It just has become such a part of my life, and 2 years away, well, I really missed it!
I was looking through the second hand store to find "something" to multimedia on. Ha, and found this chess board. Well, what about it? I don't have a tutorial to share with you, but it really was fun and quite easy to create, and I think it will be a fun addition on a small easel in any room.
I used all Robin's Nest products. Around the edges is the glitter letters paper, in black and rust. It really stands out nice. Then I just used a ton of different things to create this fun look. They are: Red glitter letters, string and salmon velvet ribbon, safari sticker, Paris sticker, Vintage Travel sticker, silver glitter fleur de li paper, England Sticker, (I punched out with a stamp punch from the Tropical voyage paper), Classy ribbon, Large clear dew drops.
Such a fun project and done in less than an hour!
I also made a cute Easter book, that is now on the website, and I will fill it with photos of our grand daughers hunting Easter eggs at our house, and coloring eggs. We had a blast, and the littlest one Kaydence this was her first time. She was so cute with the egg on the spoon, I thought for sure it would end up on the floor, but alas, the eggs were all safe. Here is the cover to the book, it has 12 pages of crackle egg, and sorbet egg pages. I think it will be best to print the pictures in wallet size to fit the sizes of the photo rectanges, but turned out to be such a cute book!
Here is a peek at some of the pages. They are so simple, yet have some great features and textures.
Well, these are just a few projects in my life the last few weeks. The greenhouse has been taking much of my time. I need to replant from small containers to larger containers tomorrow again. It is the first year we have the greenhouse going, and what a fun it is. Planted veggies, and just a few days ago, planted flowers for my flower boxes. I have never had a green thumb like my Mother, but this year is a big step to try and get the garden started all from scratch. Will let you know if I'm a complete dunce at this or not. Time will tell.
Till next week.


Rachel said...

Love that book ;) and the checker board ;)

Irit Shalom said...

This is really lovely altered project!

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