Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Germany Framed Shadow Box

Germany Framed Shadow Box
Hello Robin's Nest Friends,
Remember my Germany Trip?  The month we spent in Germany on the way home from our misson was such a blast. So to be able to go through some of the memorabilia that we brought home and create this fun framed 3 dimentional box was a blast.   I have done a tutorial for you showing what I have done to create this great project.
I started with the box from Kristi Parker Van Doren.  I love her boxes by the way, they are so awesome!   It finally is time that I started showing some of my work.  It is so nice to pull up my chair in the scrapbook room, and work.  I so missed my room while we were gone to Africa for 2 years.  But now life is somewhat back to normal.  The green house, it is still going, warm here these days, but I don't trust taking the plants out of there until I know for sure there won't be another freeze.  In Vernal, that is after Memorial Day.  Hard to believe but true.  So far I haven't killed anything in the green house, but the banana tree has had a few bumps, and it has 2 new sprouts from the bottom.  Still trying there.                  Well, back to the project.  I new exactly what I wanted to put in it when Rachel gave it to me to work on.  So Germany it is.  Enjoy!
The box has 6 rectangles in it, and I painted the box in greys and rusts.  Then went out to the garage and found an old frame, it's original photo is shown, and painted it in grey, gold gleam, and rust ( all Delta Paints).

                                                              original frame, and painted box

  Here is the painted corner of the finished frame, I added gold dew drops to the corner swirls.

I then cut Robin's Nest papers to fit the rectangles.  I used:
Eidleweiss paper
Honeycomb fleur linen cardstock
Red glitter classic swirl cardstock
Gold glitter fleur de li cardstock
Gold on Black classic swirl cardstock

I glued these in, then began adding the fun things we brought back from Germany inside the rectangles.  A small post card folded book, a castle picture, a coaster, an eagle cut from a flyer, a post card, and real eidlewiess.  I popped some of these with pop dots.

In Germany, the crafts we saw at the Christmas Markets had ribbons and wires wrapped around the finished flower arrangement or craft that we saw.  So I decided to incorporate this as part of my shadow box.  I added ribbon with journey written on it from 7 Gypsies, and copper glitter ribbon.  I wrapped these ribbons around the outside of the shadow box.  I twisted them to as I wrapped them, and then just adhered the ribbons to the outside back of the box. Then on top of the ribbons, and on the top edges of the shadow box I added 2 glitter chipboard stamps (spellbinders), and a German flag (Robin's Nest), and then the letters spelling Germany. (letters Quickuts and Honeycomb fleur linen cs), then of couse nothing is complete without dew drops.  There are a few swirls die cuts also Quickuts.  I think I might still add a little ceramic pot too.  I also wanted to show that you don't have to just work inside the perimiters of the rectangles, you can add things on top of the edges of the box as well.  That is what I did with the grouping of the "Germany" title.  So here again is the finished box.

I then attached the frame to the shadow box, making it a beautiful framed project.  So I am so excited how this has turned out.  Memories of our time in the Stutgart area of Germany.  It was pure joy to put this project together, and really didn't take me that much time.  Ok, maybe a half of a day on and off, as I was doing other projects at the same time, coming back to this one trying to decide how to arrange everything. 

Have a great week.



artistamyjo said...

How lovely and nice to have those memories.
Very cool here,can't plant or leave things outside. We've had frost every night for weeks!

Rachel said...

Super cool box!!

Terri Sproul said...

wow.... great project...

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

This is beautiful!

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