Sunday, April 1, 2012

Apricot Blossoms

I watched her as she relaxed and found a chair to sit on. She was so elegant with the paisley scarf around her neck, and the matching cream silk suit and pearls she was wearing made the natural pink in her cheeks glow. Her beauty made the blossoms brighter. I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.
I wanted to travel to Italy each year like she did. To bring back such wonderful memories and make a room glow too. I wondered what transpired in her life that she could be such an elegant woman.
I watched her days before, cut the branches from the apricot tree with her garden gloved hands and small clippers. Clipping the tops of the branches the gardener had cut from the over grown tree just that morning. She brought the branches in the house, and placed them in the white ceramic vases.

She loved them so much she went back outside to the trimmed tree, and cut more branches, taking them to her neighbors so that in a few days they too could enjoy the blossoms from the apricot tree. This beauty had to be shared!
Well, just for the fun of it, I wrote this to share with you. Enjoy these beautiful blossoms from the branches of my trimmed apricot tree. My husband trimmed it with the chain saw, he is the gardner in our yard this spring. I remember as a child we would sing a song about the blossoms in the yard looking like popcorn popping. It will be in a few weeks in our yard on our apricot trees.
If you didn't know, you can cut branches from your trees or bushes early in the spring, bring them in to the house, put in a vase of water, and in a few days they will bloom early for you. My mother always did this with the forsthyia bushes in her yard. Each year it was a wonderful boost to our home as the uglyness of the end of winter ended, and just before the spring air became warm enough for the trees and bushes to bloom on thier own.
Happy Spring.
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