Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patricks Day Paper Bead Bracelet!

There is just something about it almost being St.Patrick's Day & Springtime, that makes me want to wear some new and fun jewelry. I love green and The Robins Nest has some beautiful green papers for sale in their shop, perfect for making paper beads!

To get started, you'll need the following:
Double sided Fleur Green Olive paper, double sided Glitter Daisy paper, a ruler, pen, quick hold glue, tooth picks or skewer, elastic cord, paper trimmer, clear sealer,  (I used diamond glaze). 
 Begin by making a 1 cm mark at the far right of your paper. Then make a 2 cm mark, following the measurements on your ruler, and continue 2 cm for the rest of the paper.Turn paper upside down and starting at the bottom left, start your marks at 2cm, all the way across. Then with your ruler, connect the points to each other as shown. Click photo if you need to see better. You'll start with the right corner of the paper to the first 2cm marking. Then up, then down. It took about 10 minutes to do this to both papers.

Use your paper trimmer to get nice efficient cuts, using the lines you made with the ruler. You can use scissors, but it will take longer. Curl the wide end of your paper a little with your finger, then insert the toothpick, curl a little more. Next add a line of glue up along the paper right to the narrow end. Don't put too much glue because as you roll the paper, it gets pushed  along and some may squish out, making your fingers sticky!

Keep rolling until you secure the narrow end. Slide the bead off and start a new one. When you have made enough beads, I made 35, (10 for each bracelet and a few extra for mistakes) then get ready a place for you to stand up the beads for drying. Styrofoam works the best or you can poke little holes on the bottom of an empty salt container to hold the picks. Put a bead, one by one on a tooth pick and glaze it with your varnish medium. I used my finger to apply diamond glaze. Be careful not to get any glaze near the hole of the bead or you may not be able to remove it after it dries. Hence, the extra beads. When the beads have dried, string them with the elastic cord and enjoy your new jewelry!

Thanks for coming by and Happy St. Patricks Day!
~ Michelle Frae Cummings

Tip* Thick cardstock will not work for this. Thin paper such at what I used or colorful magazines are great too! If you want "tube" beads, just replace the triangles with standard strips of paper, evenly measured.


Rachel said...

I want some!!! I love it!

Amanda said...

Beautiful! I might need to make some this weekend with my daughter :)

Robin said...

Wonderful, we bought necklaces like this in Africa, I think they are the greatest!

FrancineB said...

This is so pretty. I need to plan a craft day with my girls and make these with them.

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