Friday, March 2, 2012

A Pretty Up-Cycled Vase

 One day I was searching for some pretty vases to hold flowers. I wanted something that held quite a bit with out tipping over as some vases threaten to do. Then I went for my stash of jars. I keep some under the sink to catch bacon grease or grow indoor plants. This one had a label still attached. No bother, since I knew I'd cover it up soon. I measured the jar as to where I wanted to put my paper.

 Then I used my paper trimmer to accurately cut a rectangle piece of Green Leaves paper, and applied generous strips of double stick tape to the back.
 I attached the paper to the jar carefully and held tight for a few minutes for a good hold. Then I went through my loose Dew and Diamond drops I keep in a bag. These are often left over from a project and never quite make it back into their containers, so I collect them in a bag for random use.
 When the light hits the jar, the gems sparkle like so. Very pretty!

Here is another quick vase I made using a pasta sauce jar and Glitter Purple Flower cardstock. Because the cardstock was thicker, I doubled up on the tape and after wrapping the paper around the jar, added some tacky glue to the end piece before securing it. Then I put two thick rubber bands (the kind you get from a bunch of broccoli) and put one near the top and one near the bottom to hold the paper in place while the tape/glue set.


Rachel said...

Super cute idea!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...


Robin said...

Great way to use those jars we just throw away.

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