Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Home Again

Hi Everyone, 2 weeks off, and here is the surprize I was talking about. We went to Ethiopia for our Humanitarian work, and decided to stop in Egypt on the way home for a few days. It certainly was amazing, and "Ancient" Egypt still there, intact, for the world to see thier civilization. We loved everyday of the 4 days we were there, Cairo, Giza, Alexandria. Not only were pyramids, the Sphinx, and the food great, but to see the mummy of Ramses ll, I was in awe, his face and hair all still intact. They knew how to do things we can't even duplicate today.
I can't wait to scrapbook these pictures. Ok, I will confess, I have't even scrapbooked Germany yet. But now that the scrapbook room is organized this adventure of catching up will begin. I admit, we have been gone so much that the 40 days in our house seem like nothing. Time evaporates. Each time I arrive home, the cleaning process goes into full swing, dusting, vaccuming, laundry, just catching up from being gone. I never realized it would take me so long to get back into the swing of things. Maybe if I stayed home longer I could get more done. At least today the jet lag has gotten better, and I slept to 5 this morning. That is progress.
Photos are in abundance in my computer and camera, so off to the printer they will go soon so the vigil of creating Germany and Egypt books will be in full swing.
Today is a special day for our family. Jer and Tara are having their new boy Weston. We hope all goes well with the delivery. And of course that means more photos for Grandma to share. There isn't anything more exciting than adding to our family tree.
I have been sorting The Robin's Nest papers and putting them into new groupings to create new layouts for sale on the website. It has been a blast to combine my designs with Rachel's designs. I created an Easter Layout that is so cute. It is so simple, yet it feels so elegant. The papers used are Bunny, yellow glitter dot, and bunny border. The carrots are made from the orange crackle cs and olive fleur. And of course we cannot forget dew drops, the "e" is covered in them creating its own pop. They and the carrots make the whole layout. This layout is for sale on the website. Getting ready for Easter, is a blast, and spring around the corner. We missed most of the snow while we were in Africa, and I am starting to see flowers peeping through the ground. That is a whole other project, my flower beds. They have been negleted for the last 2 years. Another project coming up to keep me going. Mmmmm, thought when we got home from Africa 3 months ago, there would be time to retire and relax. Not even close yet.
Enjoy your day, Enjoy your life, Enjoy the season.
Until next time. Robin


Rachel said...


Zena said...

Wow. Good work.I'm sure that was an amazing trip!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Welcome back! I'm looking forward to seeing all the trip photos!

Irit Shalom said...

Great to have you back home!

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