Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello Friends,

Dana and I are off to Arizona working on Humanitarian work with some of the Tribes there.
What a fun drive it is this week. We have driven through Arizona many times and enjoyed the scenery each time we have driven there. This time we have taken a route that we have never driven before. It has been so fun, new rock formations and arches along the way. Of course, we take time to stop and take pictures so we can bring our memories of Arizona home with us.
The few days we were home I was able to get more closets cleaned. It seems to be an endless job. We cleaned our fruit room, which was more than a mess. We vow to keep cleaning shelves as time goes on. Shelf by shelf, now that I can get to them. Many years of canning are on those shelves and many jars older than my kids, time to dump them out. So this will take time, as the shelves are many. I am just happy to get to this point. We took another car load of things to the local second hand store. I make it sound like we just have stuff stacked everywhere. But we just have accumulated so many things we thought at one time we needed and saved. After spending 2 years in Africa, I'm feeling that we simply don't need all these extra things, nor will we use them in our lifetime. Plus, styles, colors, and hobbies change over the years, and it is time to share the things in storage with someone who really will use it. Somehow it makes me feel better by sharing.
Even as we travel through Arizona, and meet with tribal people, we see such a need to share with others when we experience the needs of the people in our own country. We are happy to share. We are learning so much. What good people are here, and how they love their people, and how they want to help.
I continue to work on my scrapbook pages. When I am back home, will scan some finished ones in and share with you. Nothing gives me more relaxation than to work with paper, scissors, and glue.
Love, Love, Love it. What a great craft we are involved with. My love is to share it with others.
Some years ago, we helped a friend open a small scrapbook store in our home town. Again, this week we were helping this store. It was fun to re-merchandise, and organize. I had a blast. It felt like having my store again. Loved it. I will continue to help in the store, and bring layouts to display products for sale. There are some things in life we just simply love. This is one of mine.
We hope all is going well with you, with your love of this fun craft. We learn and create new things every day. This is why blogging is so fun. I learn so much from the great designers we have. Thank you for the great ideas that are posted every day. Love, love, love.
Have a great week. Until next time. Enjoy, Love, Create.

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