Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

Hello Friends,
Easter is around the corner, and we all ready ourselves for this special season. Today we are showing styrofoam eggs covered in Dew Drops. I personally cannot take credit for these beautiful eggs. Rachel's mother in law Chris Case made these. She used Helmar gem glue and The Best Glue Ever.
I have been so taken by the beauty of these eggs that I wanted to share them with you. They are simple to make, just using different colors of Dew Drops in your design, and adhering them to the egg. She used the round Dew Drops but also used the Diamond Drops for a special look all of its own.
Dana and I are back home again, working in the yard now trying to recover it from 2 years of growth. Our special friends kept the lawn watered and mowed. Dana trimmed the trees this week and last week, we have 3/4 of an acre of property, so lots of fruit trees. We have piles of branches and huge limbs now cut from the trees before the sap flows. We also decided to get rid of some trees that I have never liked. Nice thing on a few of them, the lilacs came up in the same spot on thier own, so they will take over the space of the discarded trees. Makes me happy. We live where the elevation is higher, so no blossoms have popped from the trees yet. However, when we trimmed the apricot tree that is in the front of our house, I cut a vase full of branches and the vase now sits on the island in our kitchen. Blossoms should start popping today or tomorrow, they were so close last night when I checked them. Love having early blossoms in the house. One of the reasons spring is so much fun. Under the blossoms is my big Easter bunny with these beautiful eggs in her basket.
Pastels all around just bring so much joy, and such a beautiful change from winter. This is the one thing I missed the most living in Africa, the change of seasons. Fall to winter, winter to spring. My tulips have started popping from the ground, I am anxious to see thier blooms, it will still be a while, we are probably a month away from those blooms.
I have spent the last few days catching up on layouts for the website. Today I plan on starting to put them on the web. We have such a beautiful collection of papers and new stickers. The paper clips have become one of my favorites, such fun things to do with them. And of course, how can I finish a page without dew drops. It feels naked without them. This is what happens when you are so hooked on them!!!
Enjoy your week!
Ciao.... Robin


Rachel said...

Very nice! I love the dew drops!

Becky Conley said...

love these! great job, awesome colors

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