Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blast From The Past with The Robin's Nest

I was going through some photos trying to figure out my post for this week and I really wanted to use the pretty glitter papers and the cut out print paper. These papers from The Robin's Nest really work well with this layout. I love all the delicate flowers on the cut out layer. I also had some really fun products from The Purple Cow to play with for this post! So let's get started.
I used the repositionable punch from The Purple Cow to punch all 4 corners of my base paper. You and make designs or rows easily with these punches but for this design I opted for the corners only.
I added the pre-cut layer over the glittery page. I know that if covers a lot of the glitter but for now I just wanted a hint of sparkle.
Next I used a different punch to decorate one corner only of my photo. I liked how this punch also looked a little "crown" like. It seemed to go well with princess theme.

I love the way the corner looks! It has such a pretty look and gives just a little extra something to the photo. I did the same thing to the other photo on the opposite side.
Now for some more creative fun. The Purple Cow has a very cool product. It is a rubber stamp roller! It has interchangeable designs and is so fun and easy to use. Ink it up and roll!

I did three separate pieces as I wanted to use one on each of the three photos I picked to use in this project! ALSO many of the papers from The Robin's Nest, like this, it is pretty with sparkle on one side and solid royal blue on the back so it was perfect for layering the photographs.
I wanted the paper to have the same affect as if it were ribbon. And the extra sparkle on the paper makes it pop!

Here I added a beautiful Crystal from Connie Crystal. It gives extra sparkle and shine to the project. I made sure the point of the crystal hit the point of the paper.
Now for a little chocolate and some lettering! I LOVE the glitter letters for titles on my pages. They are not over-powering but give just enough sparkle. And while you are creating who doesn't need a Sixlet!!!
Yes, it really does say 1979! Yes, a very long time ago, but that is OK. And no making fun of my home town name either. I am very proud that I was Miss Knob Noster of 1979! And the glitter letters make it even better!

Now to add the Tear Drops to add that special little something. I framed the names of my good friends that were 1st & 2nd runner up. What good memories. I also accented the centers of the little flowers on the paper along with the corners and various other areas. I finished this all off with three, 3D stickers from K & Co. I had them in my stash and they just seemed to fit. So here is the finished project.
I love that all the little details just add to this page. So glad I had the perfect papers and accents from The Robin's Nest for this fun page. This was one of the best memories from my high school and it was fun to go down memory lane. I remember my sweet friends, the town that was a special place to grow up and holding the title of Miss Knob Noster!

Happy Creating,


Rachel said...

Very cute pics! Love your layout!

Clare D. said...

I love the free form swirls with the roller stamping tool! The TRN die cut is fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration.

Clare D. said...

I love the free form swirls with the roller stamping tool! The TRN die cut is fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration.

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