Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Robin's flower box

Hello Robin's Nest Bloggers,

Flowers are one of my favorite things ever. I love their smell, I love thier shapes, I love their colors. What a treat for the beauty of our world we have on this earth - FLOWERS. I remember reading a quote years ago, "As far as I can remember, flowers have been my constant companion." I feel this way too, they just are so friendly. They just bring me joy.

I finally have a photo for you of this wonderful box with the lid covered in flowers that I made!

Irit was my inspiration on making this box. She made such a fabulous garden of flowers, and I had never made my own flowers before, so decided it was time to try.

It is so fun what you can create from a punch, or die, spray bottle filled with water, colored mini stamp pads, and paper. I am a bit partial to pinks and reds, but there are yellows and greens in there too.

You punch your flowers out first. I just used several flower punch shapes, and dies. Smaller sized flowers in the middle and larger sizes underneath. I used different shapes together too. They did not have to be the same shape of flower for the layers. Each punched flower was distressed with ink around the edges. I used different shades of pink, red, and brick stamp pads. Then I layered them on top of each other and poked a hole in the middle of all of them, then attached about 7 of them together with a brad, some have more layers, it just depends on how big you want your flower to be. Experiment! Then sprayed the paper with my water. The next thing was so easy, I just started pulling each layer of paper, up with my fingers to create the flower, scrunch the paper to a 3-d form. Layer by layer. Sometimes, I would spray a little more water. You can also spray the flower shapes before you attach them together, but I found it was easier for me to attach the unsprayed flowers first.

Each flower was set aside to dry in the 3-d shape. After the flower is dried, I then attached a dew drop at the center over the top of the brad, some flowers I attached 3 dew drops over the top of the brad. Then I glued them on the top of the box with liquid glue, a glue gun would work too.

The flowers on the box only took me about an hour and a half to create, and glue on the box. And it was my first time making them, pulling out the supplies and finding just the right paper colors is all included in this hour. Why pay so much for those flowers on the market when they are so easy and fast to make. You can make them with your extra scraps of paper, we all have a box of these saved somewhere in our supplies, those extras that weren't used on layouts, or just not big enough for the layout we had been working on. Great use for Scraps.

For the leaves, I used the same idea, only they were not layered, just punched, distressed, sprayed, scrunched, dried, then attached.

Robin's Nest papers used:

Green stencil, hunter green glitter dot, kiwi sorbet for leaves. (I also used a die cut swirl with the Kiwi Sorbet and brown glitter dot)

Yellow glitter dot, Honeycomb fleur, pink glitter dot, summer pink glitter dot, red glitter chipboard for flowers, and just white plain paper.

I also added punched birds from a Martha punch from glitter brown chipboard. Have to have a Robin in there somewhere!

I attached several colors and sizes of dew drops, and tear drops to the tops of the flowers and leaves.

The box is covered in Classified paper, the top of the box in the new brown glitter leopard and brown classic swirl cardstock.

I think you could make a supply of flowers for your pages fast by just having extra flowers punched and ready in your drawers in all different colors. Then just glue to your page, keep a supply close! This will be my next project, just making a supply of flowers in different shapes and sizes to have stored in my supply box.

There is a big trend right now to use flowers on your pages. Try it, I'd love to know what you think.

What a great idea, and money saving project for the future pages I will create.

What a fun project. I was so excited that it was soooo easy.

Thanks Irit for the inspiration.

Until next week!



Rachel said...

Very cute!!

Clare D. said...

HOw beautiful!

artistamyjo said...

Lovely creation and thanks for sharing with us.

Irit Shalom said...

Wow- love your flowers a lot!

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