Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Snow

Utah is usually so full of snow in the winter. This year however, we have so little. Maybe this is so I can get used to the cold. It is such a change from living in Africa for 2 years. I was planning on taking time to adjust, but since it has been so warm, it has been a breeze. I have to say though that I do miss the snow. I took my "Let it Snow" glitter sign down from the top of the fireplace already, it really isn't going to be a really cold winter here. Sighhhhhh.
So, how is the weather where you are. Is it warm? Californina was nice, not hot, just nice. Sun, breeze, flowers, green trees. Utah - bare trees, brown lawns, cool days. Are you having rain, snow, falling hearts? It is Valentines season.
We leave tomorrow again for Ethiopia. Will be there for a few weeks, and a surprize at the end. I'll share that with you when we get back.
Well for now, enjoy your weather, sun, snow, rain. Whatever it is, love it. Embrace it, and just be happy! Happy Valentines Day!


Anonymous said...

It has been the same way in KY too. Unusually warm for this time of year. We have only got a handful of flurries here and there, nothing like we usually get. I just wish we could have one GOOD snow!

Rachel said...

;) I like warm!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

it's cold here in Southern CA, 40 in the morning and 68 mid day. winter has arrived with rain too. But we don't live far from the mountains which already have snow! Perfect for a "one day play in the snow, drink hot chocolate and be home in time for dinner" trip. :)

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