Friday, February 10, 2012

Great Display Piece for Less

If you saw my last post for The Robin's Nest, you saw the 3 dimensional flowers and noticed that I hang my 3 dimensional pages on the wall. I have a Creative Memories Display board on which I display my 3 dimensional pages. It is hung near my home computer, so that I can store all those many secret passwords for the websites I visit. We got another computer for Christmas and I wanted to make my own. So, I got to thinking how can I make it on a budget and today I'm sharing my idea.
12 x 12 canvases (two)
The Robin's Nest Fleur Green Olive Paper
The Robin's Nest Black and White Holly (Red side)
The Robin's Getaway Paper
The Robin's Nest Black Journaling
The Robin's Nest Germany Stickers
Modge Podge
Small Brass Hinges (2)
Foam Tape
I started with two 12 x 12 canvases from Michaels. I got a two pack on sale for $4.00. I chose to make the front plain but chose The Robin's Nest Fleur Paper because I wanted something that looked beautiful, even if I was not displaying a page at all times. I hope to make a page for each season and swap them out. Here is how my Valentine's Day season page looks in the frame. I used The Robin's Nest Black Journaling cut in half as a photo corner, and matted them on the red side of The Robin's Nest Black and White Holly.

I used The Robin's Nest Getaway, more of the Black and White Holly's (red side) on the inside of the frame, so that it would look nice when it is opened to retrieve the contents inside. The ribbons help to retain slips of paper with my computer passwords and other paper clutter. The stripe on the inside of the frames and on the outside edges is from The Robin's Nest Fleur as well. I used the sticker from The Robin's Nest Germany set. I loved the color with the other papers, I speak German and have visited there so it fit so well. You can see how both sides look together when the hinge is attached in the third photo below.
To the side of the two canvases I added the brass hinges. Here's a tip to a help you add those teeny tiny nails and not hurt yourself: use an awl to mark where you want them to start and then hold them in place with your paper crafting or sewing tweezers until they are started. It kept me from some colorful language!
If you make a similar piece, be sure to make a note about the finished dimensions of the page that will fit in your frame. With my photo corners, the finished page that fits in my frame is 11" x 11". I will also make template, so that for future pages I don't cover my title with the photo corners of the display piece. I love this look for less, made with The Robin's Nest for less than $15.00!

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Rachel said...

Very nice! I love the idea of displaying your favorite layouts! Sometimes they are too cute to put in a book!! Great job!

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