Sunday, February 26, 2012

Disney With The Robin's Nest

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend and is ready for another fun tray. I have done a few of these and other than the two multi opening I am LOVING the 6 opening trays. I like the open space and used this one as a memory box for my first ever trip to a Disney property. I started with the tray from McGuffey Woodworking. Their website does not have a shopping cart but for more information just contact them. The trays are solid wood and are unfinished for you to collage, paint, stain or cover with whatever medium you choose. Check out their News & Event Page for upcoming events. Look at the Gallery for the custom furniture they have built.
This is the raw tray. I then took a bunch of decorative napkins and separated the layers so it was one ply. Using Perfect Paper Adhesive from USArtQuest I did some collage the frame area. The back comes off the tray for easier application.
I then cut paper to fit the areas. These will be the backdrop for my photos! The papers from The Robin's Nest were perfect. There were some bright colors and interesting patterns and I loved how they made great mats for the photos!
Look how beautiful those colors are! I love the butterflies. I then picked out the photos I wanted to use. I had over 500 photos to choose from thanks to my good friend Laura Drahozal! I got to experience my first Disney trip with her and Georgia Sommers! They were old pros at this Disney stuff!

So with the photo selected and my Disney ticket to add I started placing what I wanted where I wanted. This was also fun because I looked all through the photos again and remembered the GREAT fun. I got all the photos placed and attached.
You can see I have added some Dew Drops to this piece. I also popped some photos up higher, used some papers to make like a pocket and just had fun with this. And now for a closer look at some of the areas!
In this I have Rapunzel flat and Tinkerbell popped up and added a Dew Drop or Tear Drop on the corners. The next is the fun Disney Castle and again used Dew Drops but also created a flower out of the tear shaped Dew Drops! I also made a little bed of Mini Dew Drops under the castle!
I loved the carousel! It was so pretty and fun and the very pale lavender Tear Drops were perfect for the top of the carousel!

One of the BEST and most BEAUTIFUL things I have ever seen is the World of Color water and light show. I used the Dew Drops to show the slope in the paper. It looks like the hill on the roller coaster in the background of the show.
AGAIN: The entire project
I have had so much fun creating this memory box and hope you all have enjoyed the project as well! Have a GREAT week and happy creating!


Rachel said...

Very adorable! You put so many elements in it!! Great job!

Irit Shalom said...

This is so so cute! Love those tarys too, but shipping to Israel? I stay with 7 Gypsies I have.

Clare D. said...

How fun is this project!

kristi said...

Thanks all. Yes, Israel is very far! Sorry they are not available world wide. Lots of fun and GREAT product!

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