Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heart Sliceform Card

I have been fascinated with these honeycomb forms since I was a child. It was the next thing to magic the way they collapsed flat and just as easily returned to their shaped form. It was only recently that I discovered these fun creations had a name—sliceforms.

I found the pattern for this solid sliceform heart on the Extreme Cards and Papercrafting blog. I imported the PDF file into Make-the-Cut where I cleaned up and refined the file. These pictures show the front and top views of the sliceform.

I wanted to incorporate the heart sliceform into a greeting card, so I also designed the card base and liner in MTC. All the card pieces were cut with my Zing electronic cutter.

The card base was cut from plain white cardstock. The front of the card was cut from Robin’s Nest Glitter Gold Chipboard. The sliceform and inside liner were cut from Robin’s Nest Pink Bourdeaux Vellum.

The sliceform was suspended in the card front frame with fishing line. Dew Drops were added to the front of the card for accent. I think this makes a stunning card!!

You can see more of my projects on my blog at the Create & Craft website.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Princess mini altered frame

Hello,my dear Robin's Nest friends! Irit is here and this time it's all about fairy tales project.
I decided to make this very small (4*4'') double sided photo display with all Robin's Nest pinks and Princess items and my dear daughters old photos.
So here is the  cover, made with Glitter Pink on Pink Swirl cardstock, Princess borders, the Castle from Princess Chipboards , Crown clip from Royal Clippies  set and also a title from Princess  words  and some clear pink  Dew drops from the very same Princess kit.
I also added some blue  button just for an interest.

Now the frame is opened and can be displayed.

 Same Glitter Pink on Pink cardstock for one side, Princess Words titles, inked a bit with brown ink, very same Princess Borders, Robin's Nest pink ribbon, Princess Cardstock  on  another side and I used those crowns  from Princess Chipboards over the photo with dew drops added. Another clipie  from Princess Clippies  set was just perfect here.
And now for the back side: Glitter  Spring Stripe  cardstock,Princess border again, some dew drops, antoher title from Princess kit.

Small , girly and lovely fast project to make.
Want to make a similar project? All products are in our Robin's Nest shop!
Happy Spring , my dear friends!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello from me

Hi everyone!  I've been thinking a lot the past few months about friends...ones that I've had in the past and ones that I have right now.  I am so thankful for all of them.  Honestly, I'm not good about taking the time just to pick up the phone and tell them "hi."  One thing I would like to begin doing is to at least send them a card once in a while to say it so I started by creating this card.  I love the products from The Robin's Nest so much that I had to use them to create this.  Would you join me and tell someone hello today that you know?  It's amazing how much better someone's day can be just by this simple, kind word. 

Robin's Nest Products Used:
Fresh Mowed Grass Dew Drops
Dew Dew Glue
Glitter Letters
Glitter Chipboard
Getaway Glitter Swirl Cardstock

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Disney With The Robin's Nest

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend and is ready for another fun tray. I have done a few of these and other than the two multi opening I am LOVING the 6 opening trays. I like the open space and used this one as a memory box for my first ever trip to a Disney property. I started with the tray from McGuffey Woodworking. Their website does not have a shopping cart but for more information just contact them. The trays are solid wood and are unfinished for you to collage, paint, stain or cover with whatever medium you choose. Check out their News & Event Page for upcoming events. Look at the Gallery for the custom furniture they have built.
This is the raw tray. I then took a bunch of decorative napkins and separated the layers so it was one ply. Using Perfect Paper Adhesive from USArtQuest I did some collage the frame area. The back comes off the tray for easier application.
I then cut paper to fit the areas. These will be the backdrop for my photos! The papers from The Robin's Nest were perfect. There were some bright colors and interesting patterns and I loved how they made great mats for the photos!
Look how beautiful those colors are! I love the butterflies. I then picked out the photos I wanted to use. I had over 500 photos to choose from thanks to my good friend Laura Drahozal! I got to experience my first Disney trip with her and Georgia Sommers! They were old pros at this Disney stuff!

So with the photo selected and my Disney ticket to add I started placing what I wanted where I wanted. This was also fun because I looked all through the photos again and remembered the GREAT fun. I got all the photos placed and attached.
You can see I have added some Dew Drops to this piece. I also popped some photos up higher, used some papers to make like a pocket and just had fun with this. And now for a closer look at some of the areas!
In this I have Rapunzel flat and Tinkerbell popped up and added a Dew Drop or Tear Drop on the corners. The next is the fun Disney Castle and again used Dew Drops but also created a flower out of the tear shaped Dew Drops! I also made a little bed of Mini Dew Drops under the castle!
I loved the carousel! It was so pretty and fun and the very pale lavender Tear Drops were perfect for the top of the carousel!

One of the BEST and most BEAUTIFUL things I have ever seen is the World of Color water and light show. I used the Dew Drops to show the slope in the paper. It looks like the hill on the roller coaster in the background of the show.
AGAIN: The entire project
I have had so much fun creating this memory box and hope you all have enjoyed the project as well! Have a GREAT week and happy creating!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Festive Friday - Blog Hop #4

 This is my 4th Christmas Card creation for this hop using The Robins Nest product!

 In making this card, I used:
Fiskars tree punch, Fiskars decorative border punch, music sheet paper and a black pen.
As you can see, its so easy to do and so festive!

Thanks for coming by to see my card! Please continue on to Cheryl Lindsay for more Holiday inspiration!
~ Michelle Frae Cummings

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Washington Cherry Tree

I know I am a day late on Washington's Birthday (trust me my daughter reminded me several times that I needed to post this on the 22nd NOT the 23rd.)  This was a fun, easy project that takes 30 minutes and is a great children's project!

Tree Template
Cereal Box
The Robin's Nest Stencil Green Paper on Linen Card Stock
The Robin's Nest Brown Zebra Stripe
Red Dew Drops
Light Green Tear Drops
3D Crystal Lacquer
Meadow Green Bic® Mark-it™
Woodsy Brown Bic® Mark-it™

Trace Template (mine came from the book:  "The Craft Book for Children: Sticks & Stones & Ice Cream Cones")

Trace the tree onto the cereal box.  Two trees will be needed in order for the tree to the stand.

Cut out the trees

Test to see if the tree stands.

Trace the trees onto the paper (you will need four bushes and four trunks).  Glue the paper onto the cereal boxes, add ink onto edges to hide the cardboard.

Add Dew Drops to look like cherries.

The project was extremely easy and fun.  My daughter made her own version on President's Day without Robin's Nest Papers and Dew Drops (I'm a big meanie, I know!)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quilted Paper Wall Art with Becky Conley

Welcome all you crafty peeps! Today I've created a Paper Quilting Wall Art piece using many of the lovely Robin's Nest papers. It's quite breath-taking in person with all those lovely glitter papers.

Discovery Girl Glitter Card stock
Glitter Gold on Creme Swirl Card stock
Glitter Pink on Pink Swirl Card stock
Glitter Silver Hearts Card stock
Glitter Wedding Swirl Card stock.
Red Glitter Paisley Card Stock.

Other Supplies:
Adhesive, Sewing machine with red and gold thread, 14 x 17" art drawing paper.

I actually only used about 1/2 sheet of each card stock except the Red Glitter Paisley Card Stock
for the heart motif.

1. Cut 2 1/2" strips and 3" strips from each paper, then cut them into thirds making them 2.5 x 4" and 3 x 4".
2. Using the art drawing paper as the base, place the pieces of card stock rectangles randomly and adhere. Use only a small amount of glue in the center of the pieces. You don't want to have to sew through adhesive :o)
3. If you are certain about the placement of your large heart, do not worry about empty spaces in the center. Work from the edges into the center. Let the adhesive dry completely.
4. Using red thread on zig zag stitch, sew along the edges where the rectangles meet mimicking a patch quilt pattern. Again, you know the center area will be covered with the large heart so don't worry about center areas not sewn completely.
5. Fold the Red Glitter Paisley Card Stock. in half and cut a large heart, as large as possible. Using the scraps, cut splashes. Large one is 3 3/4" x 1 1/4" and the two small ones are 2 3/4" x 1".
6. Glue the heart and splashes into place, using only a small amount of adhesive in the center.
7. Using gold metallic thread, sew around the heart and splashes.
8. Frame and display!

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog, I hope you enjoyed this project and it inspires you to give paper quilting a try.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Regency Collection and Grandpa

When I was a little girl, I didn't get to know my grandparents very well for they lived across the ocean and that in itself made it difficult. Now with children of our own, I feel blessed that our children get to know their grandparents.

Hello everyone, Erika Taylor here today to share with you a layout I created using the Regency collection from The Robins Nest. As soon as I saw this collection in The Robin's Nest store, I knew I had to have it. The rich combinations of burgundies and golds are just magnificent. For this layout I used a few of the Regency papers including Glitter Gold on Cream Swirl, Glitter Vanilla Wedding and Red Lion.

I also used the Regency Mini Dew Drops and Helmar Gemstone glue to create a little dimension on the page. Here is a close up for you. I love how the Minis ended up very free form.

Next I fussy cut some of the Glitter Gold on Cream Swirl paper and used the oval Chipboard Shapes piece for one of my favorite rub-ons from The Robin's Nest in the Viva Rub-on Pack. I finished it up with 3 of the Regency Robin's Nest Paper Clips and a Glitter Gold Journaling piece.

And there you have it. A layout of my Dad and my daughter. Memories like these are special, so use some beautiful papers to preserve them. I'd love to know what your favorite Robin's Nest papers are. Take a moment and leave me a comment today.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time

Erika Taylor

Friday, February 17, 2012

An Altered Clock

I have been wanting a clock for the craft room, as I often try and estimate time by the number of songs on my MP3 player and get up and down trying to make sure I am not late. So, when I saw a clock on clearance at Hobby Lobby, I snapped it right up! But as you can see from the original photo below, it was pink. My craft room is blue, green and white, so I got out some beautiful paper from The Robin's Nest and made it my own.
I started by carefully taking apart my clock with a screw driver. If you alter a clock with glass, be sure to place this on a flat surface so you don't break it! I then cut my circle using my Cricut. If you have a digital cutter and software, you will find this is the best method to make sure you accurately cut the correct circle size and the place the center of the circle for the hands of the clock. I also used this to make sure my clock face numbers were placed perfectly! If you alter a clock by hand, make a map for the placement of your numbers before you cover the original face!
To help disguise the cut I made for slipping the circle over the clock hands (mine were NOT removable), I used an X-acto knife and cut along the edge of one of the tree trunks on the clock. See photo below. A scissors will make this cut visible, so use a craft knife if you have one!

I added some of The Robin's Nest Black Starfish paper (plain side to the edges of the clock face) to hide the black plastic and the green coordinates perfectly with my craft room color scheme! I loved the starfish motifs on the other side, so I used my Cricut and my DS software to cut in free spaces and I will use the starfish in another project! I cut the swirl using a free SVG I found via Pinterest (please find the link in the supply list below). I actually cut one swirl and hand cut it into three pieces to use on my clock. I added The Robin's Nest Fr Mowed Grass Dew Drops to embellish the swirls.

I cut the blue velvet rolled roses using the My Favorite Things, Rolled Rose Die. There are some things, the digital cutters won't cut. So, dies are wonderful for cutting specialty fabrics like velvet! The blue and white leaves and flowers are actually from a vintage bracelet my cousin gave me. I love to use vintage costume jewelry on my crafts! I use the Fr Mowed Dew Drops in the center of the flowers. The punched leaves are a Creative Memories punch.
Supply List
The Robin's Nest Blue Glitter Trees Paper
The Robin's Nest Black Starfish Paper (Green paper leaves, swirl & edge of clock face)
The Robin's Nest Fr Mowed Grass Dew Drops
Ashland blue poinsettias (Michaels)
My Favorite Things Rolled Rose Die
White Pom Pom trim
Vintage Jewelry (white and blue leaves and flowers)
SVG flourish by My Time to Create
X-acto knife
Cricut and software (optional)
Songbird Cricut cartridge (for numbers, optional)
SCAL 2 (to cut the SVG swirl, optional)
Creative Memories leaf punch
Hot Glue gun & glue sticks

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Butterfly Tiara and Cupcake liner

February 13th was my Birthday. :) It was a weekend - long celebration of crafting and a party on the day before. I made delicious cupcakes with butterfly's, of course! This cupcake liner was for my special Birthday cupcake. I used a Cricut Cartridge that does over 50 cupcake liners with matching toppers. The one above was made to mimic the tiara I made and wore at CHA. I used Silver Dew Drops, Blue Tear Drops, and Blue Mini-Dews.
Here are the cupcakes I made for everyone else. Same cartridge. For the toppers, I used a Sizzix butterfly die, a Martha Stewart butterfly punch, and a Swiss dots cuttle bug embossing folder. The cupcakes were lemon with raspberry jam in the center, topped with homemade whipped cream and dusted with powdered sugar.  They were delishes! I want to make the recipe one more time before I share it, but I'll be sure to do that soon! :)
For this Tiara that I made and wore at CHA, I ran The Robins Nest Glittered Chipboard through my big shot with the sizzix butterfly dies. I sandwiched heavy gauge galvanized wire inbetween the butterflies with strong tacky glue. I wrapped the tail end of the wire around the base of a blank tiara and then added beads and crystal hearts. I accented the butterflies with glitter glue, silver, white and pink dews and purple diamonds.

Here I am wearing it at CHA. And rthen I wore it again at my Birthday party. I just love it!
Feel free to stop by my blog for CHA re-caps. :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exploding Pyramid Box

I love to present gifts that are beautifully wrapped and decorated. The gorgeous Robin's Nest papers and embellishment are just the ticket for creating this striking exploding pyramid box.

For this exploding pyramid box I chose Robin's Nest Purple Flower and Glitter Purple Daisy and Swirl on Lavender papers.

I cut and scored each of the layers.
Next, I cut the excess away on each layer resulting in a four-pointed star.

I marked the center of each layer, pierced the mark, and joined the layers with a decorative brad. I added a square of decorative paper on the bottom to cover the back side of the brad.

Using the Crop-a-dile, I set an eyelet in the top point of each of the triangles in the outer layer. These eyelets added strength for threading the fine ribbon through the holes.

The last step was to adorn and embellish the outside of the pyramid box with Dew Drops. I used Men's, Daughter, and Champagne.

Now all I need is a special occasion to tuck a gift into this special presentation box.

You can see more projects on my Create & Craft blog.


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