Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Office

Hello Friends,
I have counted the number of days that we have phsically been in our home and today marks number 14 in 2 years, 2 1/2 months. My day to post on the blog was yesterday, and I appologize to our design team member for posting today, a day late. I spent yesterday working in the office trying to clean and move back in. After 2 years anything and everything that didn't have a place was put there, plus that many years of dust.
I decided that it was so needed so I can exisit in it again. Each book was dusted with care, and each shelf cleaned of all the little things not needed anymore. I love to collect sayings, and they have been eliminated from the shelves too. I need to make a cute book to store all those fun and meaningful sayings.
The world of electronics has bypassed us in the last 2 years. Yesterday we added a wireless printer, so we can print from other rooms in our house, our iphones, and wherever else we happen to be. Love this new change. Electronics has changed drastically from days in Ethiopia. Iphones, and Ipads have taken over, Ethiopians are still using numbered phones, where you touch the number 3 times to get the right letter for texting. I must say, here is much better, I like checking email on my phone.
As I cleaned I found treasures in the office that have great meaning to me. A photo of Rebecca, our daughter who passed away at 2 months old, Rachel's twin sister, the only framed photo we have of her. Also a photo of our son Josh in his army gear, who is on his third tour in Afghanistan right now. His wife Robyn gave this to us, his photo is surrouned by the words "Under God's Protection", and the American flag. I believe he is.
After all this cleaning I filled colorful drawers with pads of paper, pencils, crayons, scissors, cutters, and other treasures for the grandkids to use and be creative with. I can't wait to show them, they love to create. My things change over time.
I powered up the Scrapbook Central we purchased for our store, and printed a picture, and it was as though it didn't sit for 2 years. For those who are new to us, we owned a 5,000 square foot craft store before our mission. We sold the building 3 years ago and closed the store, so we could go on with a new adventure in our lives, which ended up being 2 years of Humanitiarian work in Ethiopia.
I spent the last week in the Salt Lake office working with Rachel on the CHA Booth. Thanks for the projects from the past design team members. They are being put to good use!
Now I am ready to work. Office organized and intact, I now feel more organized and intact. I feel like home is home again, I can work and play there all at the same time. Again, I appologize for posting a day late.
Now for the scrapbook room, well...that is another day.

Happy Scrapbooking, Creating, and loving life.




Rachel said...

Looks clean, want to clean mine next? It has lots of glitter in it ;)

Robin said...

I know glitter is your favorite. It should stay!

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