Friday, December 23, 2011

Shining Star Christmas Tree Topper

Happy Holidays! I hope you are having a wonderful time with family and friends!
Here is a Christmas Tree topper you can make using the beautiful paper and dew drops from

Materials and Supplies used:
Turn your Red Swirl Glitter over and trace a large circle using a dinner plate. Cut this out and then trace the same circle onto the back of the Glitter White on White.
 Draw a large star. Make it a little smaller than the circle. Cut this out.
 Mark the center of the star with the pen and then score from the center dot to the tips of each star point.
 For the fringe, sketch a border on the back side of Red Swirl Glitter. This helps you to keep a straight and even fringe. When using the fringe scissors you'll find that if you cut like I did in the photo, the fringe is straight, but if you cut the fringe from the inside of the scissors, the cuts twist. Neat huh?
Use your crop-a-dile or eyelet setting tool to punch holes in no particular pattern all over the star. Then  fold the star at the scored lines to "primp" it up a bit. Decide where you want the opening of your star to be and then apply a thin line of glue along the edges, except at the opening.
 Place your star onto your red fringed background. Secure the corners before you pinch the sides to make sure the stars creases hold. Then use your stapler to secure the stars edges.
Add your dew drops and accent them with the  glitter glue, then outline the star with the same, (covering up the staples) and set to dry completely.
I put a few lights around the top of the tree so they could glow through the holes I punched.
This is Dyllan's bedside tree, he decorated it himself. :)

So that's it. I hope I have inspired you to try something new and creative.  
Have a very Merry Christmas! ~ Michelle Frae Cummings


Rachel said...

Dylan is lucky to have a mom like you! Very cute topper, great instructions, and tell Dylan his decorating skills are superb;)

Michelle Frae Cummings said...


Jan Hennings said...

very pretty!

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