Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Moose in Alaska

Hi all,
Back in the US of A!!!! We really don't realize how much we love our country until we haven't been there for a while. 2 years out of country has given me the opportunity to reflect on the worlds of difference of what we know and see every day and what other people don't have. As I walked through stores the last few days, I see we live in such a fortunate world. We put more $ in the decorations on our Christmas tree, than people in Ethiopia make all year, and maybe in cases of the villagers, that they make in a lifetime. I am surprised that l totally love everything I see. We are in Alaska right now visiting our son Josh and the other Robyn that this blog was named after, and the grandkids here. Robyn says to me as we walk in Fred Meyer, "What do you want to see?", I say, "It doesn't matter, everything looks good, the choices in the grocery aisle, the Christmas section of the store, the towels all stacked in their beautiful colors, meat that I know is safe to eat, veggies and fruits I don't have to wash in clorox water, aisles and aisles of toys (children in the villages don't even know what a toy is). I am so loving the fact that I was born in America, I love the privileges I am given in this country. I have talked to many people who just break down and cry when they see all of this, I however have just soaked it in and enjoy each moment.
We visited Alaska many years ago, Fairbanks, for the entire week we were there the only Moose we saw was stuffed! (And Dana visited in June that year but still no moose, he did catch a salmon though.) So our joke to Josh and Robyn has been there aren't any Moose in Alaska, we haven't seen one! Well, a few nights ago, 10 pm, we were going to bed, already dressed in our jammies, and Robyn calls, "Mom, get down here, there is a moose in the backyard!"
Now this I had to go and see, I grabbed the camera, for this great event. We were snapping away, he was only 20 feet from the kitchen sliding glass door. Dana out on the porch snapping pics, and Josh stood out on the porch for a photo with the moose. (certainly not one of the smartest things he has done, but I snapped the photo for sure.
Here he is, to share with you. I do believe now! There really are moose in Alaska, ha.
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Enjoy the Season.



Ashley H said...

Well that would be amazing to see a moose in the backyard! I couldn't even stand it! Your post is touching; thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...


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