Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving in Germany

The last few weeks have been such a joy. We visited Triberg, Germany in the middle of the Black Forest, where you can find the most beautiful cuckoo clocks are made and sold, they are amazing. We also visited 3 more castles, one with a hike up the mountain that could give anyone a workout. Of course we aren't in very good shape, but did make it to the top. Zurich this last Saturday, a beautiful city in Switzerland, and with the most contemporary life we have ever seen.
Last night we went to dinner at the spaghetti ice restaurant. Here are photos of the ice cream. It looks like spaghetti, with strawberry topping, or chocolate spaghetti ice cream with chocolate everything on it. Sinful really. It filled us up so much, who needs real food? Desert is perfect for dinner.
I can't wait to scrapbook this.
One of my bucket list items will be crossed off tomorrow, we will start shopping the Christmas Markets here in Germany. Stuttgart tomorrow, and 2 more days of shopping. Dana isn't so excited, but I cannot wait to see the treasures that people have to sell. Of course the camera will be close at hand so we can take lots of photos of this shopping experience in the open doors of winter. We have purchased thermals, gloves, and will borrow warm coats for the shopping experience.
This is going to be so different, for Thanksgiving day, but the turkey is in the oven tonight so we can eat early and head off to see the wares.
What a change from living in Ethiopia for 2 years, it is such a blast.
Remember the black Friday sales on line at the Robin's Nest, and our special for purchasing at small businesses on Saturday. We love America and small businesses. This is one of the things that makes America great. Happy shopping all, and have a great Thanksgiving Day.



Peg said...

Happy Thanksgiving,Robin!

Rachel said...

Still jealous! I hear the markets are awesome! Bring some gummy bears home!

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